Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bedtime For Blimpy

i just asw this on jools - now i may be a bit high, but i really liked it, kinda sounded like repressed bjork mixed with beirut- sweeet! i like her accordian box thing!! um hold on a second - this isn;t the same tune. ah, flip it, whatevs, it's all good. 


Chris said...

I only caught the last note of her first song but thought it sounded interesting and the second song fulfilled the promise. Sign her for SpilltonephilharmonicCat Records immediately!

Annie Lennox seemed to connect with her. And Annie's performance of Here Comes The Rain (Again?) was pure John Martyn.

Even though he does have some crap on (Asher What?), there are usually some nuggets. Good Ol' Jools.

Japanther said...

Stoned posts are even better than drunk posts!

goneforeign said...

She's great, love this lady. Google her and you'll go to her site where there's 3 more videos and 4-5 songs.
There's a different, [studio] version of I don't know.
Too late Chris, she's just recorded her first album.

AliMunday said...

I like it - reminds me Cerys as well (on a good day).

AliMunday said...

That should be 'of Cerys".

Chris said...

Hey Blimpy, have you seen Synecdoche, New York yet? Do. From your film taste exposed a few weeks ago (how is that project going?), plus your taste for slightly odd stuff and waccy baccy (all of which I share), I'm pretty sure you'd find it intriguing. It carries on from Adaptation, IMHO, and has something in common with Lynch's Inland Empire (but marginally more comprehensible).
There are also no car chases, suitcases with money in, guns or any of the other exclusion criteria.
It also stars Samantha Morton.