Friday, May 15, 2009

RIP - Steve Dullaghan

Word has just reached me here in Hungary of the untimely death of Steve Dullaghan of the Primitives.

I am particularly touched by this news, as Steve was kind enough to step in when the guitar player from my own band was unable to honour a commitment for a set of gigs in London. He travelled down from Leicester in the van with us and I just remember how easy going he was. We talked about early REM gigs we'd been to and I remember how cool it was for me, new to the band, to be working with someone who, the last time I saw him, had been a face on a Whistle Test show I particularly enjoyed. By all accounts, he was the same relaxed character for all those lucky enough to have known him.

My best wishes go out to his mother. A very sad piece of news.


Blimpy said...

RIP - I love the Primitives. Very sad news indeed.

ToffeeBoy said...


Saw them live a couple of times in '86/'87. Very sad news indeed.