Friday, May 22, 2009


John the Revelator
Farther Along
Downpressor Man
The Man Comes Around
I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Someday Some Morning, Some Time
Ghost of Corporate Future
Here it Comes
13th Floor/Growing Old

A few tracks from Deltron 3030, but the whole album is in the box (TY TCM) if you want more.
Things You Can Do
Time Keeps on Slipping
Memory Loss
Love Story


Blimpy said...

Deltron! Yeah!

ejaydee said...

I put your jet pack in the dropbox.

saneshane said...

Modest Mouse, Nina and Mr Cash stood out this week for me and I had a happy evening with 3030 last night.. I gave the album to my mate as he then disappeared around the world.. and I didn't have a copy. So pleased to be re-aquatinted.

steenbeck said...

Ha ha!! Thanks, Ejaydee. Just saw it. I'll be flying to work today!

Shoegazer said...

Liked the Mouse & the Wilco (think Billy must have stepped out for a cup of tea or something) & the Deltron things are quite fun. The Cash is a classic, but a little off topic I feel, not that there's anything wrong with that - I do it all the time.

Japanther said...

Excellent opening tryptich and yet another Tom Waits track that I really like, this one was verging on "pop" what with the repeated title and everything, very
catchy. I'll add it to my growing collection of Tom Waits tunes posted by Steenbeck. I'll have a "Best Of" album soon!

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening, everyone.

Japanther, the Ramones do a version, too...

Japanther said... I recognise it! I knew I knew it! Thanks for the link, Steen.