Friday, May 8, 2009


49 Cigars
All Ones & Zeros
Slow Numbers
Luck In Odd Numbers
Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW
Revenge Of The Number


DarceysDad said...

Boy am I glad I went to bed last night!

I'm waiting for the rubric, but we have had numbers 1 to 10. I should know, it was a rare DsD A-list double.

saneshane said...

Hey shoey, good choices rounded off superbly by the Portishead at the end.. wheres that from?
don't think I've heard it in that variation before.

Shoey said...

Shane, It was some kind of remix album of the 1st 2 albums, I think. Most didn't improve on the originals, but thought this one did add a certain something. Can dig out the whole thing & get it to you in dropbox if you want - should be room if Tin is taking a well deserved week off?

saneshane said...

I would be interested.. I also like to hear the album of the weekend you did.. I was away then my computer buggered up.

But I'm in really random mode at the moment of when I can grab stuff... and all the shit stuff going on.. so if you don't mind. can I keep it on a back burner and demand it as soon as things have settled.
cheers mate.

Shoey said...

Sure, shout whenever you're ready.