Friday, May 15, 2009


Planet Dada
Planet Of The Shapes
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Cloud Cuckooland
Dusk At Cubist Castle
The 8th Ring Of Hell
The Battle To Heaven


debbym said...

Hey Shoey, I know you're in a different time zone, but how do you manage to get theses playlists up so quickly? I'm impressed week after week!

(Just wanted to say thanks)

Shoey said...

It's actually a lot easier to bung these up here than trying to justify them over on the Mothership. Thanks for saying hi, Debby.

Blimpy said...

I've been trying to buy OTC LPs on ebay for ages -how come they sell for so much money?!! Is it a NMH thing?

Shoey said...

NMH? Think it's probably down to them reforming for a few gigs that rekindled some interest.

saneshane said...

Hey shoey.. been a good playlist going through all of these tonight.."bung these up here rather than trying to justify them" isn't in the spirit of the thing is it?

(that is a joke.. I can't get on and work.. so it loses the appeal.. I do seam to have just arsed about now though)

Shoey said...

OMG You're right, the world has tilted, I'm turning into GF. What next FP posting pictures of actots with potatoe faces?

Shoey said...

OMG Dan Quail was right.

Japanther said...

Superb playlist Shoey - you know, I often think that we - as in you and I - have similar musical tastes that don't quite match up, but this excellent playlist may be the closest so far.

I can take or leave Mac the Mouth to be honest, but Yello, OTC, Nina Nastasia were all great and massive props to Mono, great great band.

Shoey said...

Glad you liked this one JP. "Similar tastes that don't match up" is a bit of an oxymoron, but think I know what you mean. It's interesting how the tastes of the various 'Spillers overlap and also where they don't.

nilpferd said...

I usually like the more electronic stuff you post shoey, this one's no exception.