Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No ... more . . . music ! It's all too much, my head hurts!!

Wilco & Billy Bragg, Kip Hanrahan, The Go-Betweens, spaceface, k-os, Mad Season, N.A.S.A., Graham Parker, Truly, American Music Club ... and that's just THIS WEEK! 
Spotify playlists, DropBox playlists, at least five 'Spillcasts never played yet, Shoey & Shane's regular treasure-trove 'Spill threads, nine bought CDs still in their cellophane, six magazine covermount CDs still mounted to the covers, and tincanman converting three years worth of download albums for me from filetypes my PC would never play before . . . .


Please people, I need a rest. I don't want to appear rude, or bite the hands that feed me (particularly tincanman: a public Thank You to you for the .ogg & .mpc solutions), but can I beg some forgiveness in advance? If I don't comment, I'll admit it's probably because I haven't listened, but that DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T WANT TO, OK? I'm feeling particularly guilty that I just can't get to Nilpferd/ToffeeBoy's Grant McLennan labour of love, but there's only so many listening hours in a day.

I love the lot of you, but even I'm cracking under the strain ... I haven't even started on my George Thorogood "revision" yet, ahead of next week's concert.


ejaydee said...

So, are you going to post any music with that?

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note as I've been burning midnight oil (oops) for work. But remember it's about having fun and freedom to listen and not listen. You can't read every book that's published and you can't listen to everything. It's not rude to chill out and be led by your feelings about what to listen to.

And I think George T will give you a cracking gig without revision. There was a time before recorded music when everything was performance. I remember that, because of not paying attention properly in the 1990s, I first heard the Super Furry Animals' "The Man Don't Give A..." at a live gig, without having heard it recorded first. It was marvellous ! Sack the revision and boogie !

ejaydee said...

I was only being facetious, DaddyPig's right. I can't speak for everyone, but I find it perfectly understandable not to listen to everything. However, it may be that we have a "fear of missing out" in all of us. There's always the chance of discovering something never heard before that really resonates. I'm not helping am I?

Marconius7 said...

Your complaint sort of reminded me of one of the tracks that was included on the CDs for Maddy - Take It Away by Judge Smith. Please Mommy Please! Take it away!

Marconius7 said...

And the exloding head sort of reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic singing the opening theme for Spy Hard - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Acqd7iHDrvk

steenbeck said...

Oh, DsD, I'm right there with you. I...don't know how to articulate it, but I feel like I'm coated with some new-music-resistant substance lately. And I think it's just that my tiny brain can't take it all in. Please, don't feel like you have to comment on anything. FOr myself, personally, sometimes I do listen, and like, or form an opinion about, but can't possibly pull it all together to comment. And I don't ever have anything intelligent to say, anyway.

Having said that...If you're reading, EJD--you've started a bit of a K'naan obsession in this house. I think we might have watched every video he has on youTube, in anticipation of our in-the-mail album. He's got some dylan/marley glow about him, don't he. And he samples Mulatu Astatké?!?!?

ToffeeBoy said...

DsD - I agree 100% and feel your pain. I also feel the guilt thing and I normally get about two or three days behind and then give up. But as DaddyPig says, this is meant to be about fun and you should listen to what you can/want to and pass the rest by. You don't owe anyone anything.

Love you too, babe ...


AliMunday said...

DsD - I'm right there with you, the'Spill is a job in itself if you want to do it justice. And life sort of gets in the way.

I'm only commenting now because I've got some time off, I'm going back to work on Friday for a rest!

nilpferd said...

Get a grip DD!!
*Grabs lapels, delivers 5 stinging slaps*
You're cracking up, man.

You need a cup of my java.

*tips contents of ground coffee packet into pot, adds egg, eggshells, chillies, a generous dash of Jim Beam and a sprig of mint. Carefully measures in 65ml water and brings to boil. Removes mint, pours rest into large mug. Spills half of it down mug's chin.*

There, does that help? Sure, you feel better now. You feeling better? That's right. Smoke? No? Neither do I.

Now, get listening..

(Sorry for the multiple posts actually, I started off just wanting to fill the vacant AOTW spot, but then guilt got the better of me re. the Grant Mclennan post, and things sort of got out of hand.. I won't feel slighted at any lack of comment, I know as well as any the feeling of not being able to get through everything on here..)

tincanman said...

I had to cross this threshhold when I got involved with you lot because so much of the English stuff wasn't known to me. I needed to hear it all every week, and more than that I needed to get the band's whole back catalogue and learn it all before next week so I'd be ready with that great nom that would impress you all.


Once I got out of the loony bin, I took a saner approach.

I do like to listen to a lot of new (to me) stuff, but I also make sure to make time for a few entire albums plus some time with my favorite tunes playlist. Since my time to listen to music varies considerably from week to week, this works well for me. I spend the same amount with my good stuff for enjoyment, and it is the listening for learning time that gets cut. I clear my 'to listen to pile' every couple weeks for sanity and start again. Yes, I fell guilty. but I tell myself I'll get to it someday. (Do we all have our music collections backed up? Thought not. tsk tsk. If music is a priority, amke backing it upo a priority. One day soon it may not be so easy to share files and you may have to live off your collection for awhile)

I've rambled

Abahachi said...

I know how you feel - but would also feed in the strange sense of part sadness and part panic when a post that I'm really interested in has pretty well disappeared off the page by the time I get round to listening to it. The design of the 'Spill does privilege the most recent posts - and create an incentive to keep posting new stuff.

Technical question, from position of complete ignorance: how easy or impossible would it be for the front page of the 'Spill to present just the titles of posts and a quick summary, with a link to the main piece? That would make it easier to see a wider range of posts - even as many as a whole week's worth - and perhaps easier for people to pick and choose what really interests them without feeling so guilty about not looking at other stuff.

I fear we're becoming a victim of our own success...

DarceysDad said...

Pzing! WOW. Erm, any of that coffeething left in the pot? Yes please, but hold the eggshells this time.

Morning all.

Thanks for your comments and support. I've go to go to Physio this morning, but upon my return I have promised myself that I'm going to clear a corner of the whiteboard for a list of 'Ten things to listen to'. The only way anything new can get on the list is to fill an empty space or overwrite something else; once lstened to, it comes off that list. If I love it after that it'll get played anyway, if I don't then at least I won't have the guilt (of having it lying there unplayed) weighing on me.
And when I've done that I'm going to sort the Parliamentary expenses issue, fill the hole in the ozone layer, and re-unite North & South Korea. Then I'll break for lunch!

'Nother cup, please nilpferd ...

nilpferd said...

I'm all out of Java, you can try some of my highland Kilimanjaro, though- here..
(sorry, I should have said, keep your teeth clenched while drinking..)

BalearicBeat said...

I know what you mean. My friends and I do a weekly two-hour radio show and the pressure to keep on top of things can be overwhelming sometimes. With dance music thriving on the new, we play a large percentage of up-to-the-minute stuff and rarely play anything twice. With 12"s going for 7 or 8 quid a pop in Piccadilly Records, I can't afford to keep it up in vinyl alone(you can go through 20-25 tunes a show if you do it on your own), so spend an inordinate amount of time on download sites and trawling through blogs for freebies. It's nice to take a break from it occasionally, but, as ejaydee said, the fear of missing out on something, especially in an environment where being upfront and having things before anyone else is an unfortunate "badge of honour", keeps me compelled to do it.

gordonimmel said...

Ah yes, Darceysdad, I do believe we had something like this conversation back in February at tessimmel's birthday party when I was feeling all 'musiced-out' and was running for the comfort of the old, reliable favourites (you know, Deep Purple, Free, Led Zep etc.).
I think there are three main elements to it as far as I'm concerned.
My computer is getting on the old side now (about three years old) and since I've been 'credit-crunched' for most of the last year, I can't afford to upgrade it or replace it. As a result it's getting slower and slower. To open the 'spill main page takes close to a minute so it's not something I can just nip into and out of. Adding extra programmes and links (i.e.Boxstr, spotify etc.) just slows it down even more. Also, although I'm no slouch in terms of IT know-how compared to the general population, in terms of the RR Community I feel I'm puffing along at the back of the pack - gremlinfc's rant the other day on this here spill struck a nerve with me. And as tincanman knows, I got a bit, er, 'exercised' about Dropbox and what I was inadvertantly doing to it (sorry, tin, if I came over a bit too aggressive. I was just frustrated).
So, generally, I don't get to listen to alot of what people post here or post links to on the mothership. I just haven't got the time.

My home set up doesn't suit my sitting at my computer to listen to music. Infact I'm officially sitting in my 'Office' as I type and I should actually be using my computer for, you know, actual work, the sort that pays the bills. It's slow enough as it is without trying to run a music program and a structural design program at the same time. So again, all that boxstr, podbean & spotify stuff regrettably goes unlistened to.

Probably the biggy here. Do you remember when you were a teenager and you only had five albums (three of which you'd taped - yes taped - off your mate's record collection) and you listened to them all again and again till you knew every nuance.
And now I've got about 500 CD's downstairs, 75% of which sit gathering dust never listened to. And yet you kind people keep pushing new music my way. Even when I do have the chance to hear it I think 'like that.....that's not bad....I can live without that..' but never have the time to follow it up before a new wave of new music comes down the line. As a result I forget most of it and I feel that I really haven't learnt anything new despite your best efforts.

That's maybe a bit of a longwinded way of saying 'Thank You For The Music' but like Dsd said up top, don't hold your breath for a comment.

Japanther said...

I've worked out a pretty good system for getting it all in.

I download all from the 'Spill and put it on the iPod (so I often miss out on the Podbeans), so all "new" stuff is listened to on the move (ironically, the busier I am work-wise the more time I have to listen as I am traveling around a lot). I'm a Radio 4 Podcast addict too, so that all goes to the "on the move" section.

When i'm at home, I stuck to my beloved vinyl and get to listen to "my" music. The perfect balance!

goneforeign said...

DsD: Well I sure am glad that classic jazz, piano jazz and Bob Marley didn't get included in your rant so I must assume that you listened religiously to every cut, recorded and logged 'em all and it was just an oversight that you neglected to mention 'em. Some chance!
I think it was Tin in a comments piece who said that it was hard playing cuts directly from the Spill, ie Podbean style, I hadn't considered that, I was not thinking; not everyone has the luxury of retirement which allows that sort of playing. My system is to click on a list and to go back to reading the posts or the G while listening. Maybe I subconsciously assumed that's what everyone else did also. Tin's comment prompted me to start also posting into the Box which allows cuts to be iPod'd or recorded for easier listening. I haven't had a lot of success with listening to music in the box, sometimes it's format issues, sometimes it's probably just me; Boxstr I've totally given up on though there's obviously plenty here who like it.
On the issue of 'overload', I'm as guilty as anyone, I posted 13 BMW cuts, 14 classic jazz and 16 piano pieces, probably way too many for an audience of 'working stiffs'. Independent of all this I've recently decided to cut back substantially on some future ideas, primarily because some postings I'm considering are maybe of limited interest but perhaps worth a test run.
I've been thinking about my end of this process recently, it's a lot of work to digitise that much vinyl and upload it to Podbean, to find and post photos, to write a piece to accompany it and all the hours of research that goes into any posting. So when all that effort draws only a minimal response my recurring feeling is 'why bother?'
I bother because I enjoy being a participant in the Spill and it's rather like the fun of my old DJ days of putting shows together every week, but I will cut back.

DarceysDad said...

Respect, as ever, is due to goneforeign.

Respect and financial sympathies are due to BalearicBeat.

Financial sympathies are also due to my good friend gordonimmel, but possibly with less violins that he had playing!! He is right about his computer set-up, but lord knows it's cheap enough to fix that these days. He knows that my office IS set up with a machine and work area perfectly suited to listening as I work (apart from hitting pause when the phone rings). A terabyte of storage, 3gig of RAM, and a decent processor set-up is maybe a little OTT for a machine that rarely has to deal with more than Microsoft Office and 1MB photo files, but hey, it's all tax-deductible!!


Thanks to Japanther for the valid iPod idea, but I only have an 8gig Walkman, which is close to being filled with (if you'll pardon the expression) my music as it is. It does include all 80-odd of the songs from our 2008 Top 3s, so you lot do get a look-in. And as an aside, that Marcin Whatzizface jazz version of Prince's Diamonds And Pearls is one of my most-played tunes: wonderful, wonderful song.

Finally, a confession. I took my book back to the library today, and couldn't resist walking in to the Sound & Vision section ... they were selling off old stock! I came home with 11 CDs for under a tenner:

Emiliana Torrini (don't think that one should have been sold yet!)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Stevie Wonder
Bill Withers
Steely Dan (are you reading this, Toffee?)
Tegan & Sara
Randy Newman



DarceysDad said...

D'oh. Can't count - 13. Forgot Jim White, The Tears, and Beachwood Sparks.

DaddyPig said...

Just goes to show that 'free' shared music isn't free, it demands the most precious thing, which is our time and attentiveness. Sorry, came all over solemn just then, must be my age.

DaddyPig said...

By the way, good skills with the CD shopping.

gremlinfc said...

I hardly ever listen to anything!
I have become very narrow-minded and really don't have the space in my brain for new stuff BUT every now and again I welcome a new choon / band / singer but they have to be BLOODY GOOD and grab me by name or genre. Safe to say there are certain styles of music i am unlikely to EVER listen to.
C'est la vie.
If i miss out i miss out.
What i do enjoy though is the banter, the to-ing and fro-ing and the exchanges.
That's the crucial bit!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ DsD - which Steely Dan album was it? For less than £1 it probably doesn't matter, I suppose ...

DsD said...

A Decade Of Steely Dan (The Best Of)

1 FM
2 Black Friday
3 Babylon Sisters
4 Deacon Blues
5 Bodhisattva
6 Hey Nineteen
7 Do It Again
8 Peg
9 Rikki Don't Lose That Number
10 Reeling in the Years
11 East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
12 Kid Charlemagne
13 My Old School
14 Bad Sneakers

80p, that one.

BTW - Any fans of Sigur Ros, The Album Leaf, Amiina etc, the Múm album Finally We Are No-One is ace.
My iTunes had one song in the library already, so probably from one of you lot before ... ?

ToffeeBoy said...

DsD - that's a decent enough selection. Enjoy.

Japanther said...

DsD - i've only got an 8GB Nano too. You only need what you're going to listen to that day!

Amazing CD shopping skills, BTW!

ejaydee said...

I have red Steenbeck, did you get Troubadour in the mail, or the previous one? I thought that Mulatu on A.B.C's, I think.

BalearicBeat said...

Talk of Record Libraries and taping...aw, that's taking me back, DarceysDad. It feels like half of my teens were spent in Wythenshawe Forum library discovering, borrowing and taping music. And they said home-taping would kill it. Ha!
I used to use it more for back catalogues at the time; mostly artists that were just before my time(Bowie, Roxy, Velvets, Eno), because then, just as now (ideally!), I always wanted to have new music actually in my possession, rather than taped or on mp3.
Will check out Mum, as I'm a big Sigur Ros fan. My Top Tip for the month is Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion, which I'll put in t'dropbox when I get back to my PC, rather than this useless laptop. Blissful, psychedelic; shades of the Beach Boys. Rocking my world at the moment. Here's the single, My Girls, for starters...

steenbeck said...

Troubadour is in the mail. But I found Dusty Foot Philosopher, too, for preview purposes. And yes, It's ABCs. He reminds me of a young Bob Dylan in that video, and I think maybe he's aware of the connection.

gordonimmel said...

Bloody 'ell, Balearic Beat, have you been following me around or have I been following you. I remember Wythenshawe Forum from when I lived near there (on the Sale/Altrincham/Wythenshawe border to be precise) as a lad in the '70's.

BalearicBeat said...

This is getting spooky, Gordon. Just discovered in the herb thread that Chris went to the same school as me and now this. Sale/Altrincham/Wythenshawe border, you say? How about just off Brooklands Road near the Timperley roundabout, also in the late 70s/80s? I'd get a restraining order out on me if I were you, mate!

gordonimmel said...

@BalearicBeat, yup, Brooklands Road but we moved away (to Bolton) in 1976.
You didn't go to Sandilands Primary School by any chance did you?
And I forgot to confirm back to you that, yes, you do now live a few doors down from my brother (that's my 'little' brother so unfortunately 'Big Brother is watching you' gags won't work there. No, big brother used to live in Harwood near Bolton........)

BalearicBeat said...

Flippin' 'eck, Gordon. Yup, Sandilands County Primary on Wendover Road. I lived at the back of it on New Forest Road, overlooking the playground (MUUUUMMM, can we have the ball back!!!), sharing a claim to fame with...attn. ToffeeBoy...the road I grew up on and was best mates at Sandilands with (perpetually injured Man United fan who signed for City) Andy Hinchcliffe, who also went on to play for the Toffees.

It's like six degrees of separation, this. Which of you went to school with Kevin Bacon then?

gordonimmel said...

OK, Balearic, it gets better...

I WAS thinking that if somehow you did come back to me and say that you were at Sandilands then I would counter with the fact that that school has two famous alumni. But you beat me to it with one of them. The other one was Caroline Aherne (aka Mrs Merton and The Royals) who.....wait for it....ta-da-da-da da da taaaah....was my classmate at school.

I probably walked past your house on my way to school although, from what I can gather, a few years earlier ('71 to '75 to be precise). I lived a bit further up Brooklands Road (near to Maple Road) so I cut through from Brooklands Road to New Forest Road on a passage way between the houses, then past your house and into Wendover Road.

And finally, my teachers at Sandilands (I was only there in Junior School since I'd lived near Stockport before that)..Mrs Barnes, Miss Sands, Mrs Bridges, Mrs Williams. I doubt you'd remember Mrs Williams since she retired the year I left (1975) but did you know any of the others. Oh, and the bastard teacher who dropped me from the football team (refer to my 'sporting achievements' over on the 'herb' blog) was Mr Hislop. You didn't accidently kick him in the goolies at any time did you? I so hope you did.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ BalearicBeat - did he always take such amazing corners???

BalearicBeat said...

@ ToffeeBoy: he scored a goal from the kick-off once by running round every other player on the other team. Even at the age of nine, we felt obliged to think he was a bit good. Taught him everything I know, mind you.

@ gordon: I remember Miss Sands and Mrs Bridge. Did you have a rather severe lady called Mrs Ness for music (used to make us sing kum-bye-yah-my lord)? I also remember another Scot, Mrs Henderson in the first year.
I used to really enjoy sport, but can't remember any of the male teachers' names. Go figure.
Mrs Barnes has legendary status in our family (well, me and my parents) as the best teacher I ever had (got me into Manchester Grammar).

What was the headmistresses' name? I remember her first name was Olive, for some reason, but not her surname.

Andy Hinchciffe beat me at sports day in Primary School, married that girl down the road who I fancied and was ace at football. He then went to Willian Hulme, who didn't play football and we stuffed them at rugby. He's undoubtedy still great at corners.

Not that it's still an issue, like ;-)

BalearicBeat said...

Didn't know that about Caroline Aherne going to Sandilands though, Gordon. If we're playing "Six Degrees of Separation", the last one's "Peter Hook, shares a birthday with BalearicBeat".

gordonimmel said...

@Balearic, yup I remember Mrs Ness for music, vaguely remember a Mrs Henderson although she wasn't my teacher at any time. When I was there there was a headMASTER (Mr Drinkwater).

btw, after Sandilands I went to Brookway High. I obviously didn't have what you did to get into the posh school (I think it's called 'moollah' isn't it?)

tincanman said...

38 posts moaning we don't have enough time to listen to music.


ToffeeBoy said...

I once went to Manchester - I was on my way back from Liverpool and my train got diverted. Can I join your club, guys? Please ...

BalearicBeat said...

I think my mum and dad heard about kids being thrown down the fabled "Mound" at Brookway and worked 25 hours a day down t'pit, feeding us on gravel to get me to MGS.

Depends: how much do you like New Order, ToffeeBoy? I'm offering a cultural exchange programme based on my love of Shack.

ToffeeBoy said...

I like New Order but don't love 'em. I can, however, sign up unconditionally to:

The Smiths
The Buzzcocks
The Bodines
Dislocation Dance
Durutti Column
and, of course ...

... Take That!

Despite appearances, I'm not a scouser - I was born in Edinburgh and have lived most of my life in the sunny south east. Would you believe, I jumped on the Everton bandwagon as a glory hunter in the late 60s/early 70s? Having said that I love Shack and indeed the brothers Head in all their manifold manifestations.

ToffeeBoy said...

So, can I join the Manc gang?

steenbeck said...

Is it maybe the Smiths that no rrers hate?

BalearicBeat said...

You're in! You just said the magic words of a band I thought only I remembered, The Bodines. (a very shoddy rehearsal version of Therese here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYpq3-Cy1Vc

I had a big rant on another forum a while back about oft-forgotten Manc bands that get lost in the New Order(much as they're my favourite band)/Smiths/Mondays Stalinesque re-writing of Manchester's musical history.

The Bodines for sure
The Waltones
The Chameleons
World Of Twist (RIP, Tony Ogden)
Big Flame
Marcel King/Sweet Sensation (as blogged about before)
Section 25
and my mate Bill(who died last year)'s band, The Inca Babies

BalearicBeat said...

D'oh. I know Section 25 are from Blackpool. I always do that, but I always include them as a Manchester band, because of the Factory connection.

Japanther said...

re: The Smiths, now I don't HATE them, but just yesterday I was flicking through more of the records I had shipped over from England and was surprised to find that I owned a copy of "The Queen Is Dead", it couldn't have made much of an impression on me when I bought it, which I thought was strange because everyone's always going on about how great it is, so i thought i'd give this alleged masterpiece a spin...

....it was, well, it was.....kind of alright! A few decent tracks and some nice wry lyrics, but nothing groundbreaking or particularly special. I really wanted to love it, but just wasn't blown away.

Suppose I better relinquish my 'Spill card now, it's been grand.....

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Japanther - your resignation is NOT accepted. Come right back here this instant!

@ Balearic Beat - oh, I think me and you are gonna get along just fine. Therese by The Bodines is possibly the greatest song ever recorded (well it's certainly one of about twenty or so that fit that description). The band I used to play with back in the mid/late 80s once supported The Bodines and we were label mates with The Waltones.

ToffeeBoy said...

I also have several bits of Laugh vinyl up in the attic in the big pile of things waiting to be digitised - some time.

BalearicBeat said...

You'd have been on Medium Cool then, TB. That narrows it down...hmmm...not The Raw Herbs or The Siddeleys was it?

Just found a stream of Take Your Time Yeah by Laugh here http://floorboards.blog.co.uk/2009/04/10/laugh-take-your-time-yeah-5920535/. Ace record! I was DJing with Dave Haslam the other week and chatting about Debris magazine that he produced and the flexi-discs (ah! flexi-discs!) they put out and funnily enough, thought about Laugh then, as they appeared on one of them. I thought they were a really good band, but didn't really go anywhere and then kinda morphed into Intastella.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ BalearicBeat - neither - but think flex-disc and you're there!

ToffeeBoy said...

You know, I'm going to have to get my Laugh vinyl down from the attic this afternoon ...

Have you got the Metro Trinity EP?

BalearicBeat said...

I haven't (my sister had it and we tended not to duplicate purchases at the time), but I've just managed to find an mp3 of it here: http://rs547.rapidshare.com/files/183709898/Metro_Trinity_-_Die_Young_12____Cafeteria__1987_.rar and am listening to the joy that is Michael Furey right now after many, many years, so huge thanks for reminding me! I still seem to know all the words to everything on the Die Young EP too. My sis went out with Jez for a while. He and Andy are lovely blokes. Wonder whatever happened to them? ;-)

Right, back to working out which band you were in...any more clues?

ToffeeBoy said...


BalearicBeat said...

I gotcha. The Enormous Room. I have amazingly just managed to download an mp3 of the flexi! Wonderful thing, t'interweb innit?
Melanie and Martin is very nice, mate.

ToffeeBoy said...

Thanks BBeat (copyright ejaydee) That's me on the old joanna, that is - or at least, a younger version of me.

DarceysDad said...

When I get back home to my own machine, I want some of that, TB & BaBe.

Have a good weekend everyone.

JezLewis said...

Re earlier discussion about Sandilands Junior School, I was there 1969 - 1975 but went on to Sharston not Brookway. Caroline was in my class at school so I guess Gordonimmel you must have been too. Really sorry that I don't recall your name. Also, regarding Bodines my band supported them at one gig at Sheffield University in 1986. In my class was also a girl called Debbie inglis who I was made to sit next to. She turned up 7 years later during which time our family had moved away to Warrington at the enrolment day on my course at Loughborough University.