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Nilpferd's History Of Dondling

What follows is the development of Dondling, as taken from the RR comments.


Comment No. 710851

'dondled - adj. - (verb: 'dondle) -- a variant of 'donded, a dialect peculiar to RR. From the Typographically Challenged "sedonded," via the English "Seconded."

For those less versed in the technical terminology of linguistics, here's an explanation in "plein English"..


Comment No. 660790

the 'sedonds' is a classic RR typo for 'seconds' and was kind of adopted as RR lingo as we all make typing mistakes, especially on a Friday night when the well earned glass of whatever kicks in. You know that moment when you're drinking champagne cos you have no prosecco left in the fridge?

But where did this expression really come from? How did it develop?

After about half an hour of lacklustre searching, the linguistic experts at RROS have put together this take it or leave it survey of the term "dondle", including this early forerunner of the expression:


Comment No. 508215

Secdonds for the SESAME STREET THEME TOON!!!!

The first recorded formal use followed shortly afterwards:


Comment No. 529313

MASSIVE SEDONDS for Joy Division, as Atmosphere is my favourite and best song of theirs.

Also I would like to know when the "Massive Sedonds" t-shirt is going to be available from the Guardian shop. I for one would buy it, and on the back there could be a list of the 50 best music t-shirts as knocked up by jasonaparkes

..After some chin-stroking, nodding and a few sips of wine, the well oiled RR call-and-response mechanism kicked into place..


Comment No. 539762

By the way, Blimpy, I'm working on the Massive Sedonds T-shirts ...


Comment No. 576906

FP, have you got a keyboard with 2 'ds' on it (as in 'sedonds') or am I missing something?

What great invention didn't have its near misses? We are left to wonder what might have been...


Comment No. 637731

Everyone's sedonding Heatwave by Martha Reeves & the Vs, which I happily thirdond


Comment No. 722479

extraordondary thrids PLEASE


Comment No. 733409


The point of no return, however, was reached on the landmark date of August 17 with the first official recognition of the term- from here, there was no going back..


Comment No. 647414

Morning all

I'm counting sedonds as individual posters' first choices. So if you've already picked, say, The One I Love, then you can't sedond, say, 1 Thing.

Now the usage was firmly established, it wasn't long before the desire for formal acceptance made itself felt..


Comment No. 647216

As a little 100th birthday diversion, can anybody supply me with the etymology of the verb "to sedond"? And a citation of its first use? (Or is it one of those if-you-have-to-ask-you'll-never-understand thangs?)

some of the earlier investigations into the etymology of the term are yet to be verified...


Comment No. 647369

wow, so clearly 'sedonding' is already mythical, and everyone has their own sedond story. For my part, I assert that the first recorded example of sedonding was found in the Tao Te Ching. The specific verse in question reads:

'The way that can be seen
is not the constant way;
is not water more powerful than stone,
for a river may flow through granite.
Is not Nick Cave the way?
For there are sedonds in profusion'.


Comment No. 712181

Dond: Etym. 15th cen. Be-dondle [expressing support, emotional or political] "Methinks I have a lay bedondled" [15th century ode by Pater Darcum]

and, as with any popular phrase, the early history was littered with variations and abbrieviations:


Comment No. 657714

Immediate and massive 'donds to the Fannies and Buggles


Comment No. 669938

eerrmm ... "sendondly" (?)


Comment No. 710228

(which I instantly 'dondle')


Comment No. 713865

Donds and thrids to it.


Comment No. 711997

Oh yes, this is bloody marvellous. Ultradonded!!

a quick look at some of the areas our linguists are currently wrangling over...


Comment No. 712472

Re the great dondling debate - surely a dondle must in fact be the diminutive of dond, which would make it kind of the opposite of the "massive seconds", to be used when you're pretty keen on a song, but don't quite feel it's up there in the pantheon...


Comment No. 712644

while it's a good idea, I'm not sure if 'Dondlation Intensity (*TM) should be inversely proportional to the degree of variation from the original term, as these were intended as synonyms. Perhaps we should do as the Romans do and use appropriate suffixes... Dondlino/Dondlissimo...?
Just a thought...

In the initial period of expansion, it was inevitable that franchises would be developed...


Comment No. 722289

Mcdondles for sentimental heavy rock-songs.

Let's not pretend the road was wide and straight, however. A stubborn rearguard resisted to the end... before it was ruthlessly eradicated..


Comment No. 614903

sedonds (sic);


Comment No. 660574

I too have no idea about how to do so, what sedonds means, etc, can't be bothered to trawl the archive, and really don't want anyone to go to any trouble that would basically be tiresome to one and all.


Comment No. 710818

can anyone tell an old man what "Dondle" means? I'm lost.


Comment No. 710917

@dickDastardly et al: "Let me explain something to you. Um, I do not "Second". You Second. I Dond. So that's what you call it. You know, that or, uh, His Dondness, or uh, Donder, or El Donderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing"
Apologies to The Big Lebowski.


Comment No. 710964

donding is very silly, grow up


Comment No. 711233

Being told that donding is silly by someone called DickDastardly... you've gotta love this blog.

Expansion into foreign languages:


Comment No. 626541

Also muchos sedondos for Rachid Taha's Rock El Casbah


Comment No. 714928

More international dondling:
Dutch: dondelen: ik dondel (present), ik dondelde (past), ik heb gedondeld (past perfect): to support certain things wholeheartedly


Comment No. 714296

If one wants to mark strong agreement, should it be dondlised, as in "you've just been dondlised my friend!"

More international vocabulary: dondler, je dondele nous dondelons.
Dondlar, eu dondlo, voce dondle (maybe I should insert a diphtong here)
Esp: dondlar, yo dondlo, he dondlado...


Comment No. 711812

If we're going to move 'dondle into the German language, shouldn't it be 'Gedondlet' or are you claiming that it's a strong verb?

It remained only to complete the formalities of establishing standard units of reference..


Comment No. 691688

a kilo of 'donds.

and developing the inevitable double entendres..


Comment No. 711063

Oooh, Darceysdad, what a massive dondle you have...for The Sundays Monochrome...I feel dirty now.

To close, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on the statement "the iceberg is always much larger under water than it appears to be above":


Comment No. 585957

Nuge sedonds ofr Martha Wainwright's swaery number

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