Saturday, May 23, 2009

The futures so bright I gotta wear shanes.

I have a tremendous amount of nostalgia for what the future could of been...

here's Electric President, Pelle Carlberg and De Rosa to gently get you started:
Some Crap About The Future
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?
from 'all the records on the radio are shite' b-side, another dose of Ballboy (good theme for them this.. then The Concretes and Husky Rescue (great name that!) fill the second slow section:
Building For The Future...
New Light Of Tomorrow
Brakes, Elvis Perkins, Slumber Party and Broken Spindles up the speed by at least 0000.1rpm!
Worry About It Later
I’ll Be Arriving
Sooner Or Later
To Die, For Death
How bloody chilled am I, what's that you say a roller skating jam named Saturday is it?
OKAY here's Fortran 5, Jimi Tenor, MGMT, Michael Franti & Spearhead and to top off the playlist Sparky Lightbourne... almost perky, no sign of pinky.
Look To The Future
Year Of Apocalypse
Future Reflections
The Future
I Laugh At My Tomorrows


Shoegazer said...

It's taken a while, but Mr. Carlberg seems to be growing on me. Is the rest of the new Brakes album as good? Was surprised to learn that Elvis is the son of Anthony "psycho" Perkins, but like "Dearland" a lot & thought the last Spearhead album was a real return to form after a few years of wrong turns. Good theme for the weird electronic stuff aint it?

Enjoyed my weekly Shane fix, as usual.

Blimpy said...

Looks likean excellent playlist (i look forward to hearing it, and esp the bands i havent heard of )

saneshane said...

cheers for listening Shoey. Dearland is great, I'm really enjoying it.
as for Spearhead, I don't know anything of their past- I just picked up this album out of curiosity, a void in my knowledge, so any recommendations would be welcome.(and the ones to avoid -it sounds like)

Pelle stayed with my mates and got them to send this album over for me, so I'm going to be biased.

Have a look in dropbox and let me know what you think of Brakes..

I've done a lot of scanning this weekend, starting to listen - then being distracted- hope you enjoy, when you do listen.

Shoey said...

Oh yes you do. Before Spearhead, Mr. Franti fronted the Beat Nigs, that became The Disposable Heroes of Hip Hoprisy.

saneshane said...

oh - yes I do, then, you are not wrong there!

as my teachers used to say 'pay attention'
wow Beatnigs was back in 88 - where have the years gone?

I found some mixes of tv:drug of the nation the other day, where i've re filed them, who knows..

and thinking of those mixes, in Oxfam I got a few Gary Clail 12"- they charged me 79p.. I brought 5 more CDs on cover designs alone just to top up the price.

Japanther said...

ah...I love a busy day at work, got to listen to nearly all the Spill playlists!
Brakes was brill
Elvis Perkins I'd read about but not heard. Not what I expected, interesting stuff
Really liked the Fortran 5 track too, nice to have some pumping dance tunes now and again.

I'm off in search of one of only 3 alleged Tescos in Japan now. Will it actually exist? Will they have Branston Pickle and Orange Squash?? Only one way to find out.....