Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Many Times?

Route Nationale 7
10 $
A Million Times
Eighteen Hammers
Million Dollars
15 Minutes Away
Une Valse à 1000 Temps
26 Basslines
1000 Degrees


steenbeck said...

Ejay, I listened, and liked ALL of the songs. DId you know you didn't nom them all? particularly liked 18 hammers and 15 minutes away and 1000 degrees. ALthough I also liked very much Une Valse a 1000 temps, and I think I forgot to dond....But I think comments are closed.

ejaydee said...

Well that's disappointing, some of them I chose not to nominate on the mothership, but I was going to come back with a nom for Valse a 1000 Temps and justifications!
And I've been meaning to tell you, you should check out K'Naan's new album if you haven't already, I think you'd really like it.

steenbeck said...

I think they'll probably re--open.

And I liked that K'Naan a lot--I haven't already, and I certainly will!

ejaydee said...

When you do, listen to Take A Minute, it might make you feel a little better, should you ever feel the need.

Mnemonic said...

And I'd just remembered the inimitable Milli Vanilli with Baby, Don't Forget My Number.

steenbeck said...

thanks, I will. WHy are you two still awake? (Glad you both are, though.) I was thinking RR might have shut down because people are starting to dond only the fact that people have donded them. Just too silly. Golly I'm sleepy. I had a dream that I was in ENgland--somehow without my boys--(I think this is a starting-to-work-again anxiety dream)--and I felt very very anxious about being away from my boys, BUT I thought--I hope I can at least meet all the London RRers, so...Ejay, and Mnemonic, and cauliflower, and...

ejaydee said...

Once again, Milli Vanilli is denied entry into the A-Z. It's starting to look suspicious.

Sleep has been a rare commodity for me these days for some reason, so I'm still awake, plus I know I'll have a late start tomorrow. Please come over, and the boys are welcome in London of course. I know how you feel though, I was in Greece for a burial this week, and I thought, at least I can buy pistachios. In the end I didn't get any but...

steenbeck said...

I was just reading an article about how important sleep is and how nobody is getting enough any more. Somehow it doesn't make it any easier to sleep knowing all the dire consequences of not sleeping.

We'll make it to England one of these days.

And sorry about the burial and the pistachios. Sounds like a poem or a song. As Malcolm kept saying last week, You're a poet and you don't know it.