Friday, May 15, 2009

The Land of Cockaigne

I posted this song for the carnivals and funfairs topic. I humbly offer it again, this time, if I've understood technology and stuff, via Podbean.

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saneshane said...

I love this song...
I must have managed to download it last time you posted.. cos it makes me laugh every time it pop up on random.

(have you got Heaven by Loudon Wainwright III.. would fit too.. I still can't get on no idea what's being nominated)

ejaydee said...

Now that I'm able to convert wma files, I had downloaded this from the first time around, but was never able to play it in itunes. Who sings this? Is that Toasted Heretic?

barbryn said...

@saneshane - glad you like it.

@ejaydee - ME. I sing this. But I've just spent a great half hour discovering Toasted Heretic on YouTube, so thanks for that.