Friday, May 29, 2009


Wizard Buys A Hat
Happy Shopper
Been Caught Stealing
Supermarket Suicide
Shopping For Blood
The Butcher's Shop
Working & Shopping


Japanther said...

another Japanther-friendly playlist full of interesting and obscure cuts. I liked this a lot.

Micropenis (is that really their name?) were great and Mark Stewart is someone whose name I know, but music I don't, but will definitely investigate further. Liked that Tools You Can Trust track too. Nice one!

Shoey said...

Yes, that's the name - but I would not suggest googling them if I were you. There's a great Alec Empire mix of Consumed, but forget where I put it. Thanks for stopping in JP, looking forward to a listen of your AOTW - will get there eventually.

saneshane said...

now that's a playlist that's taken me back.. I've got some different mixes of a few of these too..a joy shoey.

Blimpy said...

The Senseless Things did a good 500mph cover of "Shoplifting" - which was the first time I'd heard the song. Now you know.