Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old School.

Right. No messing. No fuss. 21 intros to 21 songs. Artist. Title. 'Spill Points aplenty. And that's it.




snadfrod said...

Oh, P.S. You have 24 hours. I'm away for the weekend. Sorry.

P.P.S. That isn't actually MY old school, but it is in the village where I grew up. Close is enough for me...

AliMunday said...

Snadfrod - I can't open this (might just be me).

ToffeeBoy said...

I thought this was going to be easy when I knew that I knew the first one (but couldn't work out what it was) and then really did know the second one:

Crystal Lake by GrandaddyBut then that was it. Somewhere around number 13 is another one that I know that I know. It's a woman, isn't it? Something like Starship or Bonnie Tyler????

ToffeeBoy said...

Pardon my formatting...

DaddyPig said...

Ali, it's just a big file I think, it took my computer a while, in fact I'd given up but it was working away in the background and popped up !

I make it 21 intros rather than 20, is there a gap somewhere or an extra one ??

1) Up Around The Bend - Credence Clearwater Revival.
3) Use Me - Bill Withers
7) Sounds like John Bonham on drums, Led Zep ?? But hard to get the drum sound through laptop built-in speakers...
14) (the one at 1'44") is tantalisingly familiar.
16) Has a hint of Mark Knopfler ?

Good quizzing Snadfrod...

snadfrod said...

@Ali - just realised its still a .wav, so I'm trying to MP3 it as we speak.

@toffee - Grandaddy is correct. PLus I know what you mean about a woman, but it isn't Bonnie or Starship. Right ballpark, though. Formatting is excused.

snadfrod said...

Right, its an MP3 now, if that makes any difference. I really have no idea. I will also try to put it in the dropbox. TRY. Please stand back.

@DaddyPig - ahem. Did I say 20? Dear me. 21 it is. Not quite sure how I managed that...

Anyway, Creedence is correct, Bill Withers is correct. 7 is not Zep, much more recent than that. 14 is clearly the teaser at present and 16 DOES have a hint of Knopfler. A dollopfler, if you will.

Good answering sir.

BalearicBeat said...

Hi all.
A newby on here and just got the invite from Ed after investigating RR on the Guardian site.

Spotted a very Balearic "La Ritournelle" by Sebastien Tellier on there.

Love the blog!


Blimpy said...

Welcome aboard BalearicBeat!

Blimpy said...

2. Manics?
7. QOTSA - Feelgood Hit Of The Summer
8. Cold War Kids?
10. Marnie Stern ?
14. "Alone" - Heart

Man I suck at these, about another third sounded SO familiar but i can't place em.

I do love a quiz tho'!


ejaydee said...

There's that AC/DC remix/mashup in there, followed by Patrick Wolf's The Magic position.
The last is Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band isn't it.
There's a few I need a couple more seconds of, but this is a tough one.

ejaydee said...

Wait, you don't mean me Balearic Beat, do you?

Blimpy said...

No, me - Ed, Ed.

new pocahaunted mp3:

Japanther said...

Thanks for the link Blimpy - I DO already have the "Passage" LP it comes from of course, but I'll still take the MP3!

I was useless at the quiz too, I often regret the fact that i'm completely non-musical and tone deaf.

Only recognised Queens Of The Stone Age (who i've been listening to a lot this week (in various guises) as all my Dessert Sessions 10" LP's were in the box of delights) and Heart.

FP said...

15. La Ritournelle - Beardy Tellier!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ blimpy - YES!!!! It is! It is. It's Alone by Heart. Damn you snadfrod - an earworm if ever there was one ...

Blimpy said...

Hahahaaha - her out of heart had such big hair, i'm suprised her neck didn't snap under the weight. "Alone" is one of those tunes burnt into my mind forever, just cos I heard it a lot when I was 10.

Blimpy said...

Although the lyric "how do i get to alone" always bothered me. Bad grammar, innit?

snadfrod said...

Yyyyyeeeessss. Heart it was. With all the hairspray, blimpo, I'm amazed she didn't combust at the flick of a lightswitch.


@balearicbeat - one post, two 'spill points. Congratulations and welcome!

@blimpy - not Manics (toffee already got that one, see above), not Cold War Kids, not Marnie Stern (that one is Patrick Wolf, as EJD suggests).

But it is QOTSA and it is Heart. Smooth operator.

@EJ - it is AC/DC but it isn't a mash-up, I don't think. Patrick Wolf is bang on, and of course its the Starland Vocal Band. What being in love feels like.

@FP - Beardy, just for the Riviera Vibe...

Altogether now, "How can I get you alone?..."

snadfrod said...

Oh. 'How do I get to alone?' Is that really the lyric? If so then yes, really bad grammar.

Unless she means Alone, Suffolk. In that case you need the M11 and then the A14.

DarceysDad said...

1. Damn, that's familiar.
2. Manics?
3. Bill Withers - Who Is He And What Is He To You?
4. Men At Work? No, the other Aussies that weren't Midnight Oil...

9. AC/DC - Who Made Who, I think.

14. Heart - Alone.

16. Chris Isaak?

18. Low - Dinosaur Act.

Hang on, that's 21 by my reckoning.

DsD said...

Just read the rest of the thread now; nice to see me and Blimpy are on the same wavelength for once!

OK, 21 it is.

Rats, wrong on the duck soul singer's song, and AC/DC have been IDd by the time I got here.

So I reckon my only 2 pts are for Low until I can remember them Aussies.

DsD said...

Mental As Anything - Live It Up.

DsD said...

AC/DC is Thunderstruck. Should've recognised that as Thunder use it as their houselights-down/stage-entry music.

gordonimmel said...

I got CCR, QOTSA and Heart (I always thought it was 'How do I get t'chew alone' myself) without help but isn't QOTSA No.6 not No.7?

Bugger, whilst i've been listening Darceysdad has snuck in with the other one I knew - Live It Up by Mental As Anything.

And No.9 is by Muse. Could be 'Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist' or maybe 'Stockholm Syndrome' but I can't be bothered going off and trawling through all their albums to check.

Is the song at No.17 'Clean Up Woman'? Can't remember the artist.

DsD said...

Sorry Gordon. Anyway, shouldn't you [we!] be on the phone drumming up new business rather than listening to this?

Are we all coming to yours on Saturday whilst Georgia's in her show at Cleck Town Hall?

gordonimmel said...

Dsd, I've actually got some work to do this week (which is probably why I'm spending so much time on these here blogs - it helps me to avoid getting down to work!).

I'll text you re Saturday night.

snadfrod said...

Morning boys. Right, DsD - big points for Mental as Anything, Low (one of my all time favourite songs) and Thunderstruck.

Its a nay to Chris Isaak, though, and the rest you worked out yourself.

@gordon - QOTSA is 6, you're absolutely right, but 9 isn't Muse. Its The aforementioned Thunderstruck. Its not Clean Up Woman, either. Sorry.

gordonimmel said...

So, all in all, a pretty unproductive morning then.

Looks like I'm going have to get down to some work

DsD said...

Cheers, 'Frod.

Low played Dinosaur Act as the encore when I saw them in that Orlando bar with Shoey in February; seems like ancient history already!

Abahachi said...

Well, I'd have got Heart. Otherwise most of them vaguely remind me of things, but haven't a clue.

ejaydee said...

Oh. sorry Ed, from Ed. [Enough Eds! - Ed.]

sourpus said...

I still cant access :(

Iz it coz I iz foreign?

DsD said...

I had to get it from the DropBox, sourpus. Boxstr doesn't seem to be playing today.

gordonimmel said...


snadfrod said...

@sourpus - it may just be. Sorry.
But at least it means i passed my dropbox 101 exam with some dignity.


So this is where we are at present. Following is the list of answers got, scores gained and some clues.

1. Up Around The Bend - Creedence (2 points to DaddyP)
2. The Crystal Lake - Grandaddy (2 points to toffeeboy)
3. Use Me - Bill Withers (2 more to DaddyPig)
4. Live it Up - Mental as Anything (A full brace to DsD)
5. By a man in a crazy outfit mentioned a few times recently around here.
6. Feelgood Hit of the Summer - QOTSA (2 to Blimpy)
7. Canadian, mates of Arcade Fire.
8. This is not as hard as they come.
9. Thunderstruck - AC/DC (1 point to EJD, 1 to DsD)
10. The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf (2 to EJD)
11. A song by a band fronted by the son of a VERY famous man again mentioned much on here of late.
12. Mid 90s minor indie by a 'supergroup' featuring a cheese-loving fop whose ace autobiography I've just finished.
13. Time to party?
14. Alone - Heart (2 earwormy points to McFlah)
15. La Ritournelle - Sebastian Tellier (2 points on debut to BalearicBeat)
16. A hint of Knopfler and a lovely lady vocalist.
17. Piano. Man.
18. Dinosaur Act - Low (2 more to DsD)
19. David Letterman famously had this on his iPod for jogging. Apparently.
20. This song is in Welsh.
21. Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band (EJD hoovers up 2 more)

Blimpy said...

12: from that description it must be "hanging around" by me, me, me

7. Final Fantasy?

ejaydee said...

7. Broken Social Scene?
11. Sounds like the Wallflowers, Jakob Dylan's band
12. Is Blur

snadfrod said...

And the Alex James points go to... Blimpy. Number 12 was indeed 'Hanging Around' by Me Me Me. Don't know why that popped into my head, but there you go. His autobiography is very charming, by the way, if you haven't read it.

But you're both wrong on the Canadians. They were formed, I think, specifically because Arcade Fire gave them a support slot. Before they were a band. If that makes sense...

snadfrod said...

EJD - Wallflowers is correct, too. Son of Bob etc.

Blimpy said...

I have read the cheesmeister's autoB, and very good it was too.

Would it be Broken Social Scene> they're canadian arent they?

Blimpy said...

oops, i shoulda read Ed's comment, i retract any mention of BSS.

saneshane said...

wolf parade 'you are a runner and i am my fathers son' if i got my ear in gear

snadfrod said...

Shane has it. The Candaians have been named. Ear is in gear.

snadfrod said...

Candaians? From Candaya, right?

snadfrod said...

Answers in the morning, chaps. Suitcases have to be packed. Night 'spill.

snadfrod said...

Gooood morning. So, in a mad rush of typing, quickly to round off the quizzing, here are the missing answers...

5. Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
8. Jimmy Cliff - She Does it to Me Right
11. Wallflowers - One Headlight
13. Andrew WK - She Is Beautiful
16. Emmylou Harris - All My Tears (Be Washed Away)
17. BILLY JOEL! - Keeping the Faith
19. Walkmen - The Rat
20. Super Furry Animals - Pan Ddaw'r Wawr

And there you have it. What do you mean none of you know obscure SFA Welsh language album tracks THAT well? Really? Oh... ok, fair point.

Still, I hope fun was had and I make it that DsD and EJD tie with 5 points, just ahead of Blimpy and DaddyPig on four. Honourable mentions to toffee, shane, balearicbeat and gordonimmel. Thank you all for taking part.

Have a good weekend!

Blimpe Mahuta said...


I feel ashamed...

saneshane said...

and If I'd listened closer I should have got THE RAT one of my all time favorite songs!

bad ears.. Van Gogh punishment later.

Japanther said...

The Rat IS a great track.

I once met Nick Zinner out of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at a gig (he was in Tokyo for a month or so to take photos and soak up the atmosphere, he told me). Anyway, HE came up to ME (rather than the other way round) and asked if I used to be in Jonathan Fire Eater, I assured him that I wasn't and he assured me that I looked just like the guitarist (I think). It was a most pleasant encounter and he seemed like a thoroughly top chap.

*The connection, for those not au fait with the intricate history of the lower echelons of American indie, is that most of Jonathan Fire Eater went on to become The Walkmen

Blimpy said...

donds for The Rat love