Sunday, May 10, 2009

BuckyBoy Records announces first release

ToffeBoy suggested that Big Point Mississippi might have been approached by BuckyBoy Records, the Dutch sublabel of RRR, they were indeed, but like ToffeeBoy suggested, the were not interested, alas...... Some of you might remember Big Point Mississippi from a 'Spill topic from ages ago. Somewhere around that time TonNL (aka BuckyBoy) was approached by another band that never made that topic, but today he is proud to announce that BuckyBoy Records plans to release the debut album of this exciting minimal techno ambient death drone dub duo from just over the border in Germany:

Droyßiger - Zeitzer Forst

Francesco Coccopalmerio
Overdose (disambiguation)
Aga saga
Texas Senate, District 26
Engine balance
Mesteacănu River (Sadu)

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