Friday, May 1, 2009

End Of The Week Quintet 3

I know we're now all busy with RR Friday, but no-one remembered to post up the EOTWQs for this week, so here's some:

1. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

2. What's the most reckless thing you did in your youth, that you now would never EVER consider doing again? 

3. What's your favourite smell? 

4. What's the most funnest toy you like to play with kids with? 

5. (from "Heathers") Aliens invade and have decided to blow up the earth, on the same day you get £17 million quid from the lottery - what do you do in the remaining 24 hours? 


goneforeign said...

Number Two.
That would be the time when I was 17 when I created an explosive compound and blew up the lab.

debbym said...

1. Cauliflower and banana salad from a 1970s vegetarian/wholefood recipe book. On retrospect I don't think I actually ate it, though, merely spat it out again (yuck)

2. Just popping out to go and live in a different country.

3. Babies' heads, the newborner the better (and especially if they're mine!)

4. My face.

5. Buy the best-equipped, soonest-leaving spaceship available underr 17 million quid, of course

ejaydee said...

1. Crocodile meat, maybe.
2. I was always quite cautious, apart from that one time.
3. Could it be meat on the barbecue, or coriander, or maybe jasmine. Oh and fresh lavender's not bad, and the sea too.
4. My old toys! The ones that survived at least.
5. Go say hello and goodbye to everyone, eat at a restaurant I can't afford to go to, but mostly end up running around like a headless chicken because I wouldn't know what to do.

Frogprincess said...

Nice questions Blimpy. BTW whats up with wee Rosie Swash posting an RR blog on Thursdays? What's that all about...????
1. Frogs legs and snails. But not together. Oh and sure I had some horse when I first arrived here by accident. It's called Rossbif in the Alsace and silly me thought that was a regional expression for roast beef.
2. Galloping on my horse at some speed with friends through the forest at night. It was pitch black. One overhanging branch and I was done for. Incredibly foolish.
3. Frogprince's neck. Jasmine (yes Ejay), fresh coffee, baking bread, Guerlin's Habit Rouge, weirdly, the Paris Metro because it smells of promise and oportunity.
4. Don't have any but my dad used to pretend I rode horses on his knee. I have tried this with god children and they totally love pretending they are on horseback.
5. DebbyM has nailed it - buy a seat in her spaceship therefore...

Japanther said...

1. can't think of anything too weird, but there are these rotten soy beans things they have over here that everyone squirms over, but I love.

2. I won't go into details but it involves a lot of acid and a pedalo....

3. the morning air

4. don't get to meet many kids, but a simple ball is always a winner

5. eat, drink and be DebbyM's spaceship!

Mnemonic said...

1. At an "everyone bring a dish" party with a bunch of American oilmen in Libya, someone produced Coca-Cola salad. I tell you, be careful what you eat in Louisiana.

2. Despite a great fear of heights, deciding to climb out of an abandoned quarry (instead of going back by the track I came in by) just to prove I could do it. It was a Sunday, miles from anywhere in the Cumbrian fells and I was twelve.

3. The burst of scent that comes from sticking a thumbnail into an orange.

4. Don't know many. If they are old enough, I read to them, teach them how to knit or crochet, give them the button box to mess about with.

5. Zissou and I would dine on Lobster Thermidor, drink 1989 Krug (if there's any left in the world) and watch the sunset.

Abahachi said...

1. Five years ago I would have said chilli and chocolate ice cream, but that's become almost mainstream, so Kindl Weiss (Berlin wheat beer) with sweet woodruff syrup; same principle as the Belgain Kiekbier, brew a beer that's disgustingly sour and then add fruit syrup so that it's disgustingly sweet instead...

2. Playing with flammable liquids.

3. Grilled lamb.

4. Pointed stick.

5. Lots of beer, some lamb on the barbecue, and a really spectacular bonfire - KLF eat your hearts out.

treefrogdemon said...

1 Well, at the time, octopus (I was 16 and someone said 'Open wide' - well, you do, don't you?)

2 Fall for an older man and run away with him. Nowadays I like 'em younger.

3 Violets. Or jasmine - which is flowering in my bedroom as we speak.

4 I like to play with Ivan's train set, which I gave him part of just so that I could play with it. But unfortunately HE's not that keen.

5 Drive down to Ivan and Ellis' house and play with whatever they want to play with.

saneshane said...

1: chalk wrapped in a eucalyptus leaf - as a toddler in my grandparents garden - it was my snack of choice.

2: high turret, tight roped across scaffold as an 8 year old.. a fist sized rock was thrown on the plastic sheeting below it... it dropped and dropped and dropped.
not much of a safety net.

3: son, partner and baking, to sound normal... but a certain printing ink used on some vinyl covers with the correct matt heavy weight card.. that gives me the ....

4: AK47
"they run around screaming and shouting..... may be I should tell them it isn't loaded"

5: Buy Japanthers A side only 10 inch records, play them all one after another.. Aliens give in and make friends - earth saved - or they flee petrified - earth saved.

ToffeeBoy said...

1. I refer to my answer to the last food-related question ...

2. Started a fire in an abandoned air raid shelter and nearly didn't get out in time.

3. Onions frying. Yeah, I know ...

4. Spyro the Dragon (Playstation game). Unending hours of fun. Really.

5. Buy a ridiculously flashy car and drive to the North of Scotland (with ToffeeGirl of course) and just keep driving ...

ToffeeBoy said...

re: 2 - I was about nine at the time by the way...

tincanman said...

1. Pig's tails. I was living in a Mennonite area and it was considered the greatest thing, but I just couldn't bring myself to try. Many years later I was back visiting and figured why not 'cause I didn't expect to be back for anopther visit. Bastard things are lovely.

2. Driving too fast. Like really fast.

3. Vanilla!

4. There's so many. A couple weeks ago it was a pair of empty boxes that someone got bikes in and was going to throw out. This weekend it is an old suitcase; the kids are towing themselves around the livingroom. My daughter sits on my kn ee and does the puzzles in the paper - filling in letters and numbers as she pleases (she's 6). We go out and just play with anything, really.

5. I'd be like eJay, I think. Too indecisive to do anything really grand. I might pay the taxes on it just 'cause thats the most perverse thing I can think of and, presuming we're all going to die, whats the difference what I do with it anyway?

SatanKidneyPie said...

1. I had crocodile burger once, which ain't that wierd, but some people seem to think is a bit odd.

2. Tricky one that; was always a bit sensible (in fact, my parents always delight in telling everyone that I was a "very serious boy"). Perhaps I can borrow from Mark Morriss of The Bluetones who claimed he once mixed the spoons and forks up in the cuttlery drawer...

3. Don't know why, but I've always rather liked the smell of creosote.

4. Well, Little Miss Satan doesn't seem to like any of the expensive toys which she's been bought - we probably have the most fun with her squirty boats for the bath.

5. Hmmm, probably find some safe investment products and hope the aliens get bored and go home.

DarceysDad said...

1. Um, define weird.
Snails? Yup, lovely. Best ever were off the market square in Rouen. Remember, Gordon?
Gator tails? Been there; BBQed on wooden skewers, and, as the cliché says, tastes just like chicken. Mnemonic's right with her Louisiana warning, though.
Poacher's Stew in a New Forest pub - duck, rabbit and squirrel. Either there was no squirrel in mine, or squirrel tastes just like either duck or rabbit.
Years'n'years of ordering "Meat" curry in Bradford: who knows what that's involved? I didn't, and don't enlighten me now, thanks!

2. Playing 'Chicken' on the railway lines behind the school fields, aged 8 or 9. If I'd ever got it wrong, I'd be nowt but a dim&distant memory of a death close to the blue plaque for S&G's Homeward Bound.
Or jumping, drunk, natch, off a waterfall top into a pool (of-I-knew-not-what-depth) after finishing Uni exams one year, somewhere up near Bolton Abbey.

3. Fresh dark roast coffee, within half-an-hour of waking up. No contest.

4. The junior drum kit, eight feet behind me as I type. More me than either girl, I'll admit. But at the moment, Darcey has just the cutest trick of standing, sticks crossed over her head, and shouting "One, two, three, hit it!" at which point she does.

5. Hmmm, made me think. Debbym's answer is pragmatically correct; ToffeeBoy's tugs at the heart strings too; but I'd probably give Jess & Darce whatever the hell they wanted, money no object. (I'd also be swigging from a bottle of the rarest spirit I could lay my hands on at that short notice!)

Blimpy said...

1. Scottish cuisine, although it all seems quite normal now, it's mostly deep-fried offal coated in sweets up here.

2. Messing around with fire, drugs, crime, people's sisters - the list is endless.

3. Sunday roast

4. Lego! I can sit for hours and do lego, it's ace.

5. I'd party hard with Andrew WK (on Debby's spaceship)

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Darce - I want to see the video of "One, two, three, hit it!" And perhaps we could start a junior RR band - The Little Spillers? - the younger MissToffee is learning the guitar. Any other prospective band members out there?

Japanther said...

@Shane - that's a foolproof plan - surely all world (and intergalactic) problems can be solved by off-kilter electronica!

AliMunday said...

1. Squid. Why???

2. Getting horribly horribly drunk and ... you really don't want to know.

3. Gorse or vanilla or coconut.

4. Sooty and Sweep glove puppets.

5. Lots of hugs and a game with my son (Sooty and Sweep, of course). A few phone calls and beers as well.

steenbeck said...

Sorry to come so late to the party...

1. I ate a firefly once. It was at an outdoor movie screening and it flew into my popcorn. I felt terrible, because I like fireflies, and it tasted terrible, too.

2. Probably spending time with people I didn't know too well. You know when you're young and you tag along to people's houses or to bars or in people's cars without thinking about it too much?

3. Lordy there are so many, I don't know where to begin.

4. I like bicycle riding with them. Malcolm can ride on his own, and we have a special secret route that only he and I take. And we have a seat for Isaac that goes on the back of our bikes, but I once fell down with him on there before I'd even made it out of the gate, so I try to let David take him

5. I don't think I'd be thinking rationally enough to enjoy the time. I might travel, if plane travel is still allowed by our new overlords, and show the boys some other countries before they're destroyed forever. Or maybe just stay home and be with the family and drink lots of wine and eat good food.