Wednesday, May 6, 2009

E.O.T.W.Q. 4

1 What's your favourite cocktail?

2 Have you ever had a coup de foudre (= been lovestruck)? If so, what did you do about it?

3 We've seen several 'Spill cats and a few dogs - have you (or have you ever had) a different kind of pet?

4 One place you'll NEVER go again?

5 Have you a euphemism for sex? (For instance, 'going to see the bluebells', perhaps.)


Chris said...

1. Not really a drinker but I have enjoyed a Margarita in Mexico and a mojito in Havana. It's a holiday thing.
2. Yes, we fell in love at first sight in Oxford Road Station. There was an ensuing tale, which included me throwing up in her sink on our first night.
3. We had a budgie, Billy, as we grew up in fifties suburbia. My brother had a snake for a while, which I loved (not literally).
4. Las Vegas. We used it as a base to visit the Grand Canyon. Absolutely awful.
5. I have a euphonium for sex. Does that count?

steenbeck said...

I'm a wine - o, so really all I ever want to drink is wine, or, in the afternoon, with french fries, some beer. but, I guess every once in a while by the ocean we'll have a dark and stormy which is ginger beer and dark rum.

I'm still with the only person I've ever been in love with. I had a big crush on him before we were together and I used to stalk him. (I had 3 male roommates at the time, and they still tell very amusing/embarrassing tales about that time.) I finally got up the courage to talk to him at a bar, he probably thought I was some kind of ugly crazy chick (he would NOT say that, for the record, that's my version)...but here we are, 16 years later...Hmmm, I don't think I'm answering this question properly.

3. I've had hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, fish, finches...and then, here's a funny story. When I was 20 I lived with 5 (other) males. ANd they were giant strange athletic neanderthal males. And one of them had a gecko. and another of them bought the gecko a mouse. But geckos don't eat mice, they eat bugs. So I said I'd take the mouse. But my room had no heat, so I left the mouse in the living room. And one of the fellows didn't like that so he dropped a phone book on it and flushed it down the toilet. I was mad, but I'd never wanted a mouse in the first place, so when he contritely replaced it with another mouse I kept it in my own attic room, which was so cold that it froze to death...phew. I'm not doing a good job of answering these questions.

I'll never go to McDonald's again, unless I have to pee very badly, (because you can always use their facilities, even if you don't buy food)

Not really. Maybe "cuddling." I can think of a lot of funny ones we use as jokes, though. But my pet answer was so long and pointless I'll retire myself now.

Shoey said...

End of the week, already?

1. What have you got?
2. Yes, on a good week & very little.
3. As in, actually looked after? Then no.
4. Home
5. The 'Spill. (Where is my coat?)

May1366 said...

1. Another vote for the mojitos of Havana.

2. Here's just two examples:
(a) Emmanuelle Beart. Still waiting for her to text back. Just going to check again....nah - maybe she's out of credit.
(b) Girl with Louise Brooks bob around town, late 80s / early 90s. Did nothing to shatter the illusion. Gazed at for about two years. Acquired noble steed and devoted manservant and set myself up as a Knight Errant in her honour.

3. As a kid, several fish and two gerbils, one of whom mauled the other to death after a couple of years.

4. Any Catholic confessional.

5. The kids are staying at their mum's tonight.

ToffeeBoy said...

1. Newton's Revenge - Gin & Apple Juice!

2. Errmm ... who's reading this?

3. A snail called Sammy - had him (her?) for about six months. Also two Goldfish - now flushed - sorry - deceased.

4. Pontins - Camber Sands

5. Mind your own business - no, that's the euphemism.

tincanman said...

1 I used to love Rusty Nails - Scotch and Drambuie. But that was ages and ages ago when I had a young palate (if you could call it that). I moved on to Ouzo and cola, which is way better than it sounds. But I never was much of a coktail person; if you couldn't drink it straight up they hadn't made it right was my attitude.

2 Listen to all her Richard Thompson nominations every week?
OK, OK. I mooned from a distance like any self-respecting married chap. Time passed and I never even think anymore about her glistening hair, her slightly crooked smile, her pouty ... er, next question?

3 A calf. I grew up on a farm, OK? I called her, gulp, Calfie. I was 10, ok? Next question, I said.

4 I met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place and .... We drank Rusty Nails, as I remember. That's Drambuie and Cola. C-O-L-A, cola. Co-co-co-co-cola

5 Are you kidding? I'm almost 50 - I have enough trouble remembering to have it. If I had to remember what to call it as well, it'd be too much. I SAID NEXT QUESTION.

GarethI said...

1. The Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster, the affect of drinking which is "like being beaten around the head with a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick". In reality, and this tastes like coffee ice-cream and is wonderful, Guinness with a good-sized slug of Tia Maria in it. Although it's probably not a good idea if you're operating heavy machinery within the next week or so.
2. It wasn't mutual but we ended up good friends. She buys excellent birthday presents, though, and laughs at my jokes.
3. The first pet I remember was a hamster called Goldie. He/she (by which I mean I can't remember, rather than we had a mammal with gender identity issues) was very sweet-natured but scratched its eye one night and by the time we found the hamster in the morning, it was too late to save Goldie. My sister's goldfish jumped out of the bowl while we were on holiday.
4. St James' Park, if Newcastle's performance on Sunday was anything to go by.
5. (Falls asleep.)

Abahachi said...

1. Not really a cocktail person, unless you count gin and tonic.

2. Lots of obsessive unrequited crushes, but interestingly they always tended to develop quite slowly - never tended to fall for girls I didn't know. Same response: writes lots of depressed songs and desperately try to orchestrate accidental meetings.

3. Succession of hamsters, couple of guinea pigs, tortoises, terrapins, tropical fish, stick insects (my childhood); gerbil (stepkids growing up). Do chickens count?

4. If I can help it, the amphitheatre at Verona for an opera concert.

5. "You remember what we used to do back when we had time and energy?"

B-Mac said...

1. I don't really indulge, but I used to love a Long Island Iced Tea. That's the one where you put every spirit going into the glass, and then wonder why you're so doo-lally shortly afterwards. I'm partial to a pimms with loads of fruit and veg and mint in the glass and a spot o lemonade.

2. Drank another cider, snogged her, then threw up afterwards. Ah, the joys of being 15!

3. I used to have a hamster that could eat through metal. He also ate through the complete works of George Bernard Shaw. Impressive.

4. Glenrothes "town" centre. Even the children in buggies had spiderweb tattoos on their necks.

5. Rumpy-pumpy! Is that even a euphemism? Um..special cuddle?

tincanman said...

What a great love story Steen!

sourpus said...

1) White Russian

2) Continuing the Russian theme, this happened almost every hour on the hour, when I was living in St Petersburg

3) For an obviously very short period as a small tot, I had a baby chicken called Englebert, who used to chirp loudly everytime he heard Humperdink on the radio. What? Yes of course we ate him eventually...


4) Hungary - no question whatsoever.

5) Ive always rather enjoyed the verb 'to trombone'

sourpus said...

forgot question 2) b

What I did about it was to dance all day and all night quite frankly...wouldn't you?

DarceysDad said...

1. N'Awlins Black Raspberry Daiquiri. 32oz, preferably!

2. Ye...oh, hello dear, didn't see you there. What? Oh, nothing, nothing.

3. Apart from several fish, no. And NEVER a dog, thank you. I like my house clean.

4. Cromer. Don't make me remember it by telling you.

5. For what? Oh, yeah, I remember ... vaguely. "Being naughty", but that's beginning to confuse Jess if ever mentioned within her earshot.

debbym said...

1) Toss up between Across the Universe (cf. Mothership, yet to be tried) and a margarita round TFD's one Friday (also yet to be tried, hint, hint).

2) Not yet (but I'm not holding my breath)

3) No

4) Registry office

5) Someone remind again what sex is...

saneshane said...

Okay, I'm determined to get this right:

1 Love & A Molotov Cocktailas photography students we invented the Hasselblack.. Popov vodka (very cheap made ya head pop off) cheap sparkling wine (blood stream quicker) and black current (took the disgusting taste away)
You drunk it, you caused hassel - Jens folks possible still have a stained driveway from the after effects.

2 Young And LovestruckLuna 'Lovedust' is my fav for this, but I've posted it before.
Apart from R...
as a seventeen year old wandering in to see the Sugarcubes UK debut.. Bjork mesmerised me...
Mrs John Murphy gave me her can of Bud, she played such cool bass.

3 Ratface Got SoulGot bit by a Rat when I was 7, the jab I had then broke in my arm!
Loads of my friends had pet Rats at college.. I tried to get over my phobia. Then one escaped, ate half my original drawings for a nest and gave birth to seven in my frecking room.. I didn't sleep til I moved.

4 Fly me to the moonComing out of Zimbabwe with our son - not yet two then- plane went up, with enough fuel to land in the next country just. They then re-fueled with us on the plane and the crew smoking at the back.
I had never cared that much about myself.. but with my partner and son I didn't want to be in that plane.

5 Shooting Dirty PoolIt's more to do with a massage.. but that sounds like I'm ringing flyers in phone boxes.

Enjoy the tracks.. if this works tonight.

AliMunday said...

1. Don't do cocktails but had a very good wedding (not mine) on free tequila sunrises.

2. Reader, I married him.

3. Goldfish - Sammy, Jimmy and Horace. Lived in a 40 gallon tank in the greenhouse. Buried in our old garden and marked by lolly sticks.

4. The top of Southwold lighthouse. Didn't mind the height but the staircase goes round the outside of a void and I thought they would have to helicopter me off from the outside (which would have been preferable to going down those stairs).

5. Don't be silly, we're married.

treefrogdemon said...

1 Don't know about Across The Universe yet (and I'm a bit strapped for cash this week for buying unknown spirits) so it'll have to be the frozen margarita still - debbym, always welcome.

2 I've fallen for a whole string of unsuitable men but this...I'd known him a couple of weeks and we were backstage together (we were in a play) chatting, and all of a sudden I got the whole thing I'd only read about before - a crashing noise in my head, feeling dizzy...I said 'sorry, forgotten something', rushed off to the ladies' and was sick. He was the most unsuitable one of all.

3 Found myself farming gerbils at one point, as we couldn't sex 'em and separate 'em quickly enough. The kids learned all about sex between gerbils very quickly - not to mention eating one's young. Had to keep buying more and more plastic fishtanks to keep them all in. Eventually I discovered I could sell them to the garden centre for 50p each.

4 My old house in Stony Stratford, which I had renovated exactly to my taste. Couldn't bear to see what's probably happened to it.

5 Lemon meringue pie. But you guessed that, didn't you? From the days when I was one of an unwillingly celibate group of people who'd say to one another: 'Had any lemon meringue pie lately?

saneshane said...

When I was quite young my friend used to take de-tours in her 2cv down cobbled street.
(3ft high and rising on one side of the tape - soul to soul on the other)
all she'd say was..
"just a taster for the meringue pie"

DaddyPig said...

1) I can't handle proper cocktails where they mix strong spirits so they taste like pop. I'd need the ginger ale in the Across The Universe recipe. So, vodka & orange (Screwdriver), but reasonably nice vodka. Also the Vitamin C in the OJ helps metabolise the alcohol.

2) There is too much popular music about being lovestruck and related habits eg. carrying torches - they should carry a health warning for young people. Love for me came by stealth - we'd both independently been on holiday to Berlin, and I asked her if she wanted to meet and look at holiday pics. Only afterwards I realised I'd asked her out on a date...

3) No pets, but Fraser Bear is a full member of the family. His full name is Fraser Bear 2004, which I assume is a sort of hip-hop thing, like Andre 3000.

4) Another trip to the delivery suite is unlikely.

5) We might consider adopting the "bluebells" idea...

TracyK said...

1: I love trying most cocktails, haven't found a favourite yet, so I'll just have to keep trying! My girly friends and I had some very very expensive cocktails at the Cloud bar at the Manchester Hilton, many inaptly named after Manchester songs. The Atmosphere struck me as especially ludicrous, as it was a very jaunty thing and not presented wrapped in a dark trenchcoat.

2: I had one instance of being utterly lust-struck when our eyes locked it was like two enormous magnets clicking. People around us noticed. Hmm, he was an utter penis but so very pretty.
The instant I laid eyes on Jon, I felt something like a kick in the guts. Took me a while to figure out what it was and when I did it was most inconvenient. I pursued him for months, he ran screaming like an utter woman. Seven years ago this month! I wore him down eventually...

3: Gerbils, one of which I killed by treading on him by accident. A rabbit. Three cats, two dogs.

4: Blackpool and Beijing, for similar reasons.

5: We have no kids so don't need a euphemism. Sorry!

nilpferd said...

1. The teenager in me would have to go for a vodka martini. I'm not really a big cocktail slurper, and I will probably become a wee bit tetchy if anyone suggests putting anything in malt whiskey.
2. Sulked around for a year and a half indulging in Smiths-fuelled orgies of self-pity, until my flatmate mercifully seduced me.
3. I seem to recall a childhood hamster, but can only actually picture the droppings- any trace of the actual animal, its personality or name has been erased from my memory.
4. The house/office of a former (deranged) employer.
5. I live in Germany, we don't use euphemisms for bodily functions here.
(By the way, this is a sauna- you have to take your swimming cossie off in here, mate)

Frogprincess said...

1.The blue 'Gordonimmel' (remember?) - champagne with a measure of cointrau and a measure of curacao. Lovely fresh orange taste.
2. Set up home with him. Many years later.....
3.A had a horse - an anglo-arab who was delightful if a bit barking. She had a yellow plastic phobia so any worksites or signposts or anything like that sent her into orbit. But I loved her.
4.Don't remember really hating anywhere that much - except the obvious answer of concentration camp museums where you can cut the bad vibes with a knife and all your instincts just tell you to get the hell out as soon as possible.
5. oooh don't know that many in French. 'Fricoter' perhaps? Ejay you help here? Oh I like 'une partie de jambes en l'air' as well.

tincanman said...

the atmosphere of a portion of ham?

Doesn't sound very sexy too me. I do feel like a snack now though.

ejaydee said...

1. White Russian, even better if it can be made with Chocolate liqueur rather than Kalhua.
2. I think so, and a few of them turned into girlfriends, not thanks to me though.
3. 2 Gerbils, I'm not sure I had them long enough to name them, unfortunately, Lychee assumed they were a late Christmas present.
4. The Vatican museum.
5. No need at the moment, but there used to be "Rothko", don't exactly remember why now.

FP, there's also "la bete a deux dos", which exists in English too I believe. Actually I'm sure there are plenty, but I can't remember any now.

sourpus said...

Liking some of these No 5's. The French were always gonna have the best "l'euphemism" in this regard.

How about 'un soufle de clam et saucisson'

Trop sordide peut-ĂȘtre ?

Blimpy said...

My LEAST fave euphoniium is "bumping uglies" - which sad sack thought THAT one up???!!!

sourpus said...

FP, I quite agree on the camp issue. I lived in Poland for several years and despite a lifelong promise to myself to 'make that journey', once near enough, I began to feel that I should never be tempted. Watching 'The World at War' had been quite harrowing enough. (I felt the same about the Blockade Museum in St Petersburg - for those of us with a particularly vivid imagination, its just too much like being operated on without anaesthetic

TonNL said...

1. Caiperinha or the secret house mix at the Popcorn Bar in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, which consists of an incredible amount of alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, sugar & crushed ice....

2. No

3. No

4. Leeuwarden, ugliest town in this country ful of unfriendly people that speak a strange language......

5. No

Marconius7 said...

1. A uniquely Candian cocktail called a Caesar (or Bloody Caesaer) - it's vodka and clamato juice spiced up with a few drops of Tabasco Sauce and Worcestshire Sauce. The rim of the glass is rimmed with seasoning salt. I also like Margaritas.

2. A bank teller. I was very shy but blurted out an invitation to go out. She said she had a boyfriend. I was so embarrassed I changed banks.

3. Rabbits when I was a teenager. A black one called Blackie and a brown one called Brownie. (How original was that?)

4. Haven't run across any place horrible enough to never want to go there again.

5. No.