Monday, May 4, 2009

Spill rant & A Molotov Cocktail

BANK HOLIDAY.. banks shouldn’t get a F****** holiday, 25 hour days minimum.. get my maths.. yeah right get you T*ss*** maths

I would really like to shove a Molotov Cocktail up the a*** of my Computer.. also the Football team that I support.. the Government.. and car industry.. the f***ing impossibility of doing something that would be beneficial to the planet because of Shi**ing C***** BO*****G red F****ng tape.

I HATE the word H8.. pointless useless and in a way it becomes over used and meaningless… so to re –cap… I F****** H*** the stupid shi**y W***ing cable company that can’t sort out the fact that I can’t do any artwork on my computer, I’m going to shove your Tubular Bells some place that’ll keep your V*rgin status..but won’t be pleasant.

And if the S****** IDIOTS that play.. f***ing play A stupid GAME.. A GAME, and they get payed more in a week.. than most people I know get in a YEAR..

IF THOSE IDIOTS don’t refund the supporters the match ticket price. Out of their own pocket.. I will pipe bomb the C**** as they leave our county.. but to look on the bright side.. no one will want to pay you a penny.. you half hearted S*** B***.

AND the W***ing T*t F*** government.. What the B******** F***…

I’D start the REVOLUTION but NO one would F****** know about it because they t**Ted up the F******************* connections.

Happy day off to all those with a day off!
African Student Movement
Mano Dayak
Forward The Revolution
Revolution Inc
My Family's Role in the World Revolution
Devote Your Life To A Lost Cause
The Rebel
Soft Revolution
Revolution Solution
Sexual Revolution - Norman Cook mix
Pipe Bombs
Hey World
Road To Zion
Under The Guillotine

and yes I know that no one will be bothered to listen to 20 songs of me being pissed off (even if they are great tracks).. but you know what, I wasn't going to get to sleep.. and I do feel slightly better now for ranting!

*drunk post*
if this works I'll eat my broadband connection,
night all.


DarceysDad said...


Tea, Temazepan and sympathy available up here any time you feel the blood boiling ... possibly when your "team" (May4th2009 definition: a dozen-and-a-half obscenely-overpaid individuals wholly unconnected, other than wearing the same colour shirts as each other and their own attitude) visits Huddersfield next season.

Hairspray Branson's ISP is about to be booted out here too. They haven't been as criminally bad as O***ge, but I'm not paying that much for their laziness any longer.

May I add a nom for The Bellrays' Stupid Fuckin' People as an addition to your list?

Chin up. mate.


saneshane said...

Cheers DsD,
It's all feeling a bit too much.. the fact that I can't, as yet, finish the T-Shirt designs for you is a major factor in my pissed off ness.

saneshane said...

Confrontation Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Revolution 5 Roots Manuva
African Student Movement Saul Williams
$20 M.I.A.
Mano Dayak Tinariwen
Forward The Revolution Spiral Tribe
Revolution Inc Freq Nasty
My Family's Role in the World Revolution Beirut
Devote Your Life To A Lost Cause Unsound
Toumast Tinariwen
The Rebel Buck 65
Soft Revolution Stars
Oxygen Willy Mason
Revolution Solution Thievery Corporation Feat. Perry Farrell
Sexual Revolution Macy Gray - norman cook
Pipe Bombs Radio 4
Revolution Gold Chains
Hey World (Remote Control Version) Michael Franti & Spearhead
Road To Zion Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley & NaS
Under The Guillotine The Mary Onettes

just to help out...

steenbeck said...

Saneshane, it's good to see your name again! I was just thinking I was sorry you hadn't been around.

Japanther said...

welcome back mate, looks like an amazing list, will get listening as soon as a I get a moment (am back in Greenwich meantime at the moment,which means no work, but lots of family stuff to attend to)

particurlarly looking forward to the Freq Nasty track, I found a Freq Nasty 12" in my box of records that got shipped over, but don't have any other stuff by him

goneforeign said...

Any of this sound familiar?

Charlie Brooker
The Guardian, Monday 4 May 2009
Article history
I can still remember the precise moment when I finally realised what a chronic control freak I am. It was a Wednesday, and I was calmly designing the uniforms for my proposed global Reich on a computer, but the mouse wouldn't work properly, so I stood up and repeatedly smacked it against the wall like a tiny plastic coconut, screaming insults at God, decrying his intolerable insubordination and telling him he was fired. And a shard of shattered mouse hit me in the eye and set me blinking uncontrollably. I didn't like that. I don't like "uncontrollably"

tincanman said...

I have a friend in America (not steenbeck) who emails me drunken rants every once in awhile and I love 'em.

I was never any good at 'em; the window between the creative juices flowing and being too pissed to type was too small.

saneshane said...

The rant kind of meant nothing 10 minutes after the track list post.. a sobering message from my dad that his mum just died.
(league one football just wasn't worth contemplating!)
R.I.P Nan.

nilpferd said...

Sorry to hear that, Shane.
Look after your dad.
Missed you this weekend.

steenbeck said...

Sorry about your Nan, shane.

tincanman said...

yeah shane
keep your head up m8

ejaydee said...

My condolences Shane.

TracyK said...

Aw, that's awful Shane. Take care hon x

saneshane said...

Thank you.

Blimpy said...

Sorry to hear of your bad news Shane.

Shoey said...

So sorry for your loss, Shane.

Thanks for saving us from Jazz overload.

May1366 said...

Just came on to comment that this was the best post ever but then read about your nan, shane - many condolences.

Mnemonic said...

I'm with May. Fantastic rant (dare I phone my bro to wish him happy birthday (wonder if he's destroyed his green and yellow car sticker) and then so sorry to hear about your Nan.

DarceysDad said...

Condolences from me too, Shane. Lost my last grandparent just over five years ago, but I still miss all four of 'em.

Chris said...

My internet connection has just opened again and so I'm catching up with the last 24 hours.
That's awful news, Shane. Please let me add my best wishes to the supportive current already flowing your way from here. I hope it helps you support your father, too: it's one of those unusual moments when we all become slightly lost, bewildered children.

barbryn said...

Shane - sorry about your nan, but on the football side it could be worse: you could be a Saints fan. Good luck next season.

GarethI said...

Sorry to hear about your nan, Shane. Until I read that, I was all cued up to say "Well done!" for your impression of Delia.