Wednesday, December 24, 2008

But I don't need therapy because I have cigarettes

Most excellent Edinburgh blog and record label Song, By Toad has named his fave song of the year, and by god it's good. This is the first time I've heard it, and so it instantly has had xmas associations attached to it. Extra Spill points cos it mentions Johnny Cash too. 

Merry Christmas all, again! 

Now You Are Pregnant by The Wave Pictures

Time for some Port methinks.....


saneshane said...

Blimpy.. this is the B-side to 'we dress up like snowmen'

used in spill monster and spill santa soundtrack
two very class songs...

I'm guessing steenb would be interested, she does like a unique singing voice! as I do..

and that line makes.. ' I don't need therapy.. ' means I will get through Have I got news for you ..

......but I'm having a bloody smoke after

Blimpy said...

zoiks! what a coincidence!

hehehehe, i'm smoking my electronic cig!! means i don't have to go outside!

MiniMcFlah is getting his first ever cd player this xmas, so I've made him his first ever mixtape!!

He's nearly 5, I don't think anyone made me a mixtape til I was 17!!

Anyways, here's the tracklisiting - it's all his fave music - it's odd the disparate things that the teeny weenies latch onto. Incidentally, we've had to tell him that Dizzee Rascal is singing "He's a Pussy Owl" rather than the real lyrics. Similarly MiniMcFlah also think Kings Of Leon are singing "these PANTS are on fire". That's good parenting for ya!!!

Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome) 3:22
Dizzee Rascal

Hung Up 3:24 Madonna

Reagan 2:43 Whirlwind Heat

Pussyole (Oldskool) 3:28 Dizzee Rascal

That's Not My Name 5:12 The Ting Tings

05 Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa 3:26 The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit)

Goofy goober rock 2:55 Spongebob Squarepants

Fluorescent Adolescent 3:02 Arctic Monkeys

Five Years Time 4:02 Noah & The Whale

I feel just like a child 4:48 Devendra Banhart

Human 4:07 The Killers

Cash In My Pocket (featuring Daniel Merriweather) 2:53 Wiley

Lemonheads - Different Drum 2:49 Lemonheads

saneshane said...

I did a mix CD for sanezanes 3rd birthday.. that ended up being played at the nursery and I was thanked by his friends parents (they got a copy to take home too)

it doesn't take much to entertain with good music..
the little one loved the Sonics and the Flaming Lips..

this Xmas it's..'Zat You, Santa Claus // The Heavy Remix by Louis Armstrong on the Verve Remixed Christmas album... and I can't fault his taste.

those that don't like remixes of classics would.. but I love it.

that Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit mixtape is one of the finest I downloaded this year.

Blimpy said...

The "Santa Footprint" made using icing sugar next to the fireplace worked a treat!!

Mewsli even got into the festive spirit by bringing in two disembowelled mice overnight and leaving them under the tree. What lovely presents! (He loved his wind up mouse btw)

Blimpy said...

Domino has free download album for yas: