Wednesday, December 31, 2008

no more STUPID art or PLAYLISTS for the rest of the year

her space holiday
Ella Fitzgerald
the walkmen
Asobi Seksu
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Azure Ray
Six. By Seven
The Walkmen
the breeders


Blimpy said...

All this seasonal partying is really impeding my ability to listen to all the great playlists that have been put up!

It's so frustrating!!

Have a donking good Hogmanay everyone!!

steenbeck said...

If I keep saying "I like it all" in my 'Spill comments I'm going to lose all of my credibility (heh heh). But there's something about listening to a list put together by a 'Spiller--I listen to it differently, and I DO seem to like it all a lot of the time. But, in order to look more discerning, I will say that I especiallyl liked the Walkmen and Ballboy. And Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, of course. I like them more and more.

And I don't even know how to begin to thank you for all the music you've sent me over the year. I'm still processing it all. Happy New Year, Saneshane and family!!

Japanther said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Blimpy said...

Big up 2009! Only 6 days to til our first birthday!!

saneshane said...

6 days?

how the feck can I make another film in that time..
new year ... more stupid designs!
(I wanted to make a good one this time... oh well same as it ever was then)

happy and jolly days to all.

Shoey said...

2008 was a bit of an adversity strewn bastard for me & mine, so am not the least sorry to see the back of it. Thanks to all you Spillers for providing much needed distraction/relief/refuge throughout. Happy New Year to you all.

treefrogdemon said...

Donds to that, Shoey...happy new year everybody!

DarceysDad said...

Further donds to Shoey's sentiments about 2008; apart from my daughters' continued blossoming, and The 'Spill itself, this last 12 months didn't do anything to merit a place in my affections either.

And @ Blimpy: does that mean The 'Spill and ToffeeBoy share a birthday??

ejaydee said...

Happy New Year 'Spillers!

FP said...

Just dropping to say you were right about the Harvey's Bristol Cream over ice. "A whole new taste sensation..."

Blimpy said...

Is that a new or old walkmen song?

Blimpy said...

the first one, that is.

saneshane said...

first walkmen track is off Bows+arrows from 2004 and is called new years eve.

the second is 'In the New Year' off 'You & Me' from last year and in Mr. Frods top 10 I believe.. as it was he who informed me that it was a less patchy offering than they had served up of late.... well worth a listen.

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