Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today's Lessons

Midnight Summer Dream
Life's What You Make It
Bad Education
Advice To The Graduate
The Sash My Father Wore
Life And Other Sex Tragedies
Grumpy Old Men
What's Your Business Here, Elijah?
St. Peter's Gate
That's All There Is


saneshane said...


I am going to hear the line
'wake up and smell the offie'
inside my head too often now.

I did a comic strip 'B+TY- Beauty and the Yeast'
it would have made a perfect set of panels.

Japanther said...

Thanks for posting "Grumpy Old Men", i've wanted a downloadanble version of that for ages, great stuff.

Loved the Ballboy track too.

Shoey said...

Glad you both liked it. Listened back myself & was slightly concerned I might be turning into Blimpy, what with all the kilted indie in this one. Last FM Were giving away some free Jegsy last time I looked.