Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting in the Christmas spirits!

xmas spill
merry spill
santa spill
(these were s'posed to have my added wisdom on them.... it didn't work.. you are all saved)

I'm off to Bar Humbug for a beer (or the fridge)

these songs added to the snowman for any old reason that I'll make up later:

strange girl
records of a flagpole skater
Essential wear for future trips to space
snow on dead neighborhoods
cold white christmas
Howling christmas
darling (christmas is coming)


Blimpy said...

i'm tired, ill, and medicated up to my eyeballs - this awesome post has just tipped me over the edge into strange chrimbo hallucinations! i really have no idea what is going on right now.

Blimpy said...

what amazing tunes - have dled the surf city and electric president, and am in awe of the 100 songs that flashed by in the compo sections

Shoegazer said...

Hey Shane. Your CD's arrived in the mail. That was so kind of you, awesome cover art. Perfect timing as I have a 10 hour drive tomorrow - Mrs. Shoe & the teens won't know what hit them!

Shoegazer said...

Loved the Xmas mash-ups too.

Japanther said...

Incredible stuff Shane....just the shear breadth of tunes included was dazzling! And I loved "Howling Christmas"

saneshane said...

Thank you all for watching.. the next one I do.. I will try and polish a bit better.. along with the music..

I want a proper mixer not just audicity to cut and paste..

@shoey on the iphone.. hope the music went down well on the drive.. have a merry one with your loved ones..

and Japanther, thank you so much and hope you enjoyed the emperors birthday.. I'm sure santa can sneak some records in for you!