Saturday, December 6, 2008


OK music fans, you all like quizzes right? here's one. I listen to a fair bit of radio and one service I check weekly is Radio Deutsche Welle, they have a quiz every month, this month's is musical, right up our alley? Here's the bit from their website:

"One of the most popular songs to sing during the holiday season is "Silent Night."

It's been 190 years this month since the Austrian Christmas carol "Stille Nacht" -- or "Silent Night" -- was first sung. It's since become one of the most popular carols and countless famous artists have recorded their own versions of it.
Click on the link below and listen to our medley featuring 11 famous voices singing "Silent Night." We want you to identify as many as possible.

 We have a special award-winning DVD collection of Classical Masterpieces to give away to five winners, so get those answers in."

You post 'em here and I'll send 'em in as the Spill's combined effort.


Thankful Paul said...

Peace be with you

saneshane said...

I just looked at my silent nights don't think any match! sorry GF

Silent Night // Brazilian Girls Remix Dinah Washington
Silent Night (Noapte De Vis) Glasvegas
Silent Night The Old Soul
"Noite Feliz" (Silent Night) Forro in the Dark

steenbeck said...

I gave it a listen but I couldn't be sure of any. May have heard Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley??? Shoot, I just don't know. Enya?

Japanther said...

Mariah Carey?

ToffeeBoy said...

Not much use here. I'm afraid. I was holding out for Sufjan Stevens but he didn't show up.

#4 - Johnny Cash - pretty sure about this one
#10 - Simon & Garfunkel?
#11 - Tony Bennett?

goneforeign said...

Well I was as stumped as the rest of you, I was relying on you, I thought we'd fill the list in a flash. So Toffee's top dog 'til now.

debbym said...

Oh goody, goody, a quiz! I think I deserve a nice quiz, having spent most of the weekend clearing up after sick child (hope that's not too much information for anyone).
I am possibly at an unfair advantage here, as I work in a shop selling, amongst other things, a CD series called "One Hit Wonders" where you get 20 different versions of ONE song (be it Summertime, Mackie Messer, or indeed, Silent Night) for yer 4.99

So, going on the names they like to put on these compilations, I'd say:

#2 Harry Belafonte
#3 Johnny Mathis
#4 Johnny Cash
#6 Mahalia Jackson
#7 Jose Carreras
#8 Elvis
#10 Simon & Garfunkel
#11 Andy Williams

No ideas for #1, #5 (I was hoping for Tom Waits) or #9 though - what language is that anyway?

Happy 2nd Advent, everyone!

treefrogdemon said...

Woo hoo! Go debbym!

goneforeign said...

Whew, I was beginning to sweat, Debby you've saved the honor of t'Spill! Hopefully some latecomers will plug the holes.

May1366 said...

Not sure about plugging the holes, but I hope this isn't queering the pitch: I'd edge towards Dolly Parton for #1; maybe throw in Lou Rawls as an alternative for #3; stumped for 5 and 9 - we don't think #9 is in Latin, do we? And I'd veer more towards Tony Bennett for #11.

steenbeck said...

#9--I think it's Gaelic, and I think it's Enya...

And upon further listen I'm still thinking of Dolly #1, Johnny #4 and Elvis #8 and completely stumped on the rest, although everybody elses' choices sound right when I hear them.

debbym said...

Steen, I think you're right about the Gaelic, but I'm wondering if it could be Celtic Woman?

Proudfoot said...
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Proudfoot said...

My first thought for Celtic effort was Clannad (Which would be roughly the same thing as Enya)
I was certain before listening we'd get Low's version. Is that really Simon & Garfunkel. I was primed to hear it but didn't recognise it! Doh.

goneforeign said...

This is a tough one even when you have the answers! So far we have:
#1 Dolly Parton
#2 Harry Belafonte

#3 Johnny Mathis - Lou Rawles

#4 Johnny Cash

#6 Mahalia Jackson

#7 Jose Carreras

#8 Elvis
#9 Enya

#10 Simon & Garfunkel

#11 Andy Williams - Tony Bennett

I don't know Dolly Parton, Jose Carreras, Elvis or Andy Williams well enough to argue, I can accept 2349&10, I'm not sure that's Mahalia and no idea about #5. I'm going to have a go at and see if there's anything there we can compare with, at least they'll give us a list of every recording that I can then maybe pursue elsewhere.

goneforeign said...

Well I spent quite a bit of time looking for recordings by our list to compare, total waste of time except that I decided it couldn't be Andy Williams nor Celtic Woman. This is not quite how I anticipated this would be, I pinned all my hopes on you lot to come up with a perfect list in no time flat, what a bunch of losers, [excepting the beautiful Debby of course] So at this point I don't think it's worth pursuing further since the competition is a world-wide audience who're probably much more musically savvy than we are, so if anyone wants to submit our efforts, here's the address:

Email your answers to

I'll repost when they announce the winners so we can all say 'Oh yeah, of course, I was going to say that"
Happy Holidays

The best part of my musical research yesterday was that it reminded me of the 'Silent Night' from 'Oh What a Lovely War', probably the most significant version there is.