Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Late Nite Oddity

sounds like a panda bear on morphine
 an old house record played on 2 RPM
beautiful stuff


Japanther said...

Great stuff, Blimpy! Exactly my kind of thing.

Who/What is it?

If you dig this kind of thing I can recommend a lot of similar stuff, I've got a good 30 or so records that give off a very similar vibe...

Proudfoot said...

Recommend away japanther. I loved this. Already have MBV, Mortal Coil/Cocteaus, Sigur Ros.
I think this is Sun Araw's Beach Head album.

Japanther said...

Well, if this is Sun Araw, then Blimpy has hit the nail on the head!

This album came out on what has been far and away my favourite record label over the last few years; Not Not Fun (which I have mentioned a couple of times on these pages). In fact the majority of my collection comes from NNF and associated.

The number one band for me has to be Pocahaunted (2 girls, one of whom jointly runs NNF with her hubby, who make trippy trance-inducing beautiful jams) check their "Peyote Road" album.

After that, I would say the now sadly defunct Raccoo-oo-oon (who had the honour of getting a shout out from Maddy in one of her intros after I posted a Youtube video) , their "Mythos Folkways Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. are incredible and they've just released a posthumous double album on NNF.

For individual albums, I love "We Grow" by Heavy Winged and "Keep America Mellow" by Ex-Cocaine.

Hope that helps, if you have trouble tracking anything down, let me know and i'll do some 'Spillin'!

Mnemonic said...

Japanther, is that you just joined under this name. Get thee to the Readers Recommend Group and join in.

Blimpy said...

proudfoot is right, it is indeed Sun Araw.

japanther - could you do a top 5 song post from Not Not Fun's artists please? that would be lovely.

saneshane said...

I'VE JUST FOUND THE TIME OF NIGHT that this is perfect.....

sparkly jangle mind swish..... the headphones have just given my ears a weird cuddle.

Japanther said...


Top 5 NNF is a great idea!

Will get to work on it, but will have to wait a few days as my brand spanking new computer is in the repair shop already!! Will give me time to think and decide though...