Friday, December 5, 2008

A proper sort of gardener

Sorry, I know non-Brits and non-gardeners won't get it, but to me Geoff Hamilton is THE proper sort of gardener (of a Mr Harding kind) and the present incumbent of Gardeners' World just can't cut it.

However. Here are some of my recommendations. The 'Learning the Game' is neither Buddy Holly nor Any Trouble but Sandy Denny, because you can never have too much Sandy Denny.

Learning the Game
When You Awake
Thomas the Rhymer
A Proper Sort of Gardener
Mother Knows Best


saneshane said...

Proper sort of gardener in a fine tune.. good playlist to mix in with this weekends downloads..

just about to transfer some of my dads vinyl to cd for his Christmas pressie..

going to start with 'All Good Clean Fun' united artist compilation as you've put me in the mood for it. (2 records plus free booklet £1.49) That's the price of Joy.. track 1 side 1 'spill the wine' it's going to be a good night...

Adding you and Japanther to my weekend playlist has made it an even more unusual listen.. cheers.

steenbeck said...

Very nice list TFD, particularly liked Learning the Game and A Proper sort of Gardener.

DarceysDad said...

Unfortunately of course, that should be "... WAS the proper sort of gardener".

I bought DarceysMam a garden planning & maintenance CD-ROM that Geoff had put his name to, just around the time he died. Always kinda hoped the two weren't related!!

Shoey said...

Richard Thompson is rocking out a little more this week - good to hear that side of him.

We have a US gardening guru called Dave Baker, who shows up on the public channels from time to time. He uses natural products in his gardening, such as dish soap, tobacco juice and gin. It works too.

treefrogdemon said...

Well, Shoey, RT can do anything, as is well known. I don't know any US gardening gurus - have to check 'em out next time I'm there.

steenbeck said...

I like this fellow...Mike McGrath, who has a radio show that shows up on NPR called You Bet Your Garden. He's very funny and helpful and he has lots of green suggestions for everything--pest control, etc. And if you e-mail him with a particular question or problem he always gets back to you...