Friday, December 5, 2008

Hippo New Year (TM SS)

By way of taking my leave for this year, here are a few loopholes through which this week's theme can just be glimpsed..

Rather strange, but compelling- DJ Food and Ken Nordine's spooky tale of the Ageing Young Rebel.. this is a much better version than the one I Youtubed on RR.

And one of the other The The tracks I've always quite liked- Helpline Operator. Although if you end up dialling through to Matt Johnson on your quest for life-changing advice, best hang up straight away...

Next up with Harmonic, by Hex/Coldcut. I've posted this before, with its story of the bug in the persian rug, unaware of its surroundings. It was a remix album so the following track, Mod you, is also included to end the story.

Ending with two spoken word parables- Dana Bryant's Heat and Margaret.

The 'Pferds are off down south- way down south- for the winter next week, so here's wishing you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

I'll add the top five tracks I've discovered this year thanks to the spill...

Portico Quartet, Cittagazze.
Super Rail Band of Bamako, Silanide.
Eddie Harris, Instant Death. My favourite track of the year. Thanks to Steenbeck for making me want to find out more about Eddie.
Instant Death.mp3
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, T.R.O.Y.
Pete Rock & CL Smooth- TROY.mp3
Lastly, a segment of E2-E4, by Manuel Göttsching..


treefrogdemon said...

Bye bye, dear hippos - same to you!

Blimpy said...

Hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable winterval!!

saneshane said...

DJ food a joy(?) as ever..

more importantly could you drop a couple a pressies in for some friends while you are down there... they'll be in a truck ... the sides extend. (small place, say hi!)

Merry Christmas and a Hippo New Year to you and your family and have a fun journey.

nilpferd said...

Cheers TFD, Blimpy and Shane..
Shane, I'll be on the look out for your friends and their magical extending truck.. sounds great, like chitty chitty bang bang for hippies.. (if Qantas keeps **ing around with my flights we may end up hitchhiking with them..) that reminds me of the last time I hitched a ride in a truck down under, the driver was a very wise apiarist who explained about bees while her 3 yr old son said "moo" in the back every time he saw a cow, which was quite often..

nilpferd said...

..and I wish I'd thought of saying hippo new year..

saneshane said...

I do think the effort gone into making the truck a few foot wider when stationary is fantastic...
the engineering is a joy.... eco adapting all around it is worthy.

the hippy ideal perfect...

the only work.

.keeping planes flying.


(the Bee man on the folks farm- he has no name- the bee man, is very interesting, I say interesting....

I mean the honey's nice....

Hippo New Year is yours to use..

steenbeck said...

Not the whole winter?! The winter's feeling too long anyway, the older I get--must have Nilpferdian input on Clip Joint and the 'Spill to get through...

Incidentally, it is my understanding that they have penguins in New Zealand. Possibly they are green or blue. If you see one, please oh please post a picture to the 'Spill.

nilpferd said...

Cheers Steen! We're away for four weeks, back at the start of the new year. I'll get Mara to snap the penguins, there are a couple of colonies of yellow eyes near where my parents live.
I'll probably be online occasionally, but we'll also be going places the internet has never been..
I should also add my "discovered through the Spill best five" playlist for '08, in no order as follows..

Silanide, Super Rail Band
Cittagazze, Portico Quartet
Instant Death, Eddie Harris
E2-E4, Manuel Göttsching
T.R.O.Y, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth

Huge sparkling christmas donds to Goneforeign, Ejaydee, Steenbeck, Frogprincess for mentioning or putting me onto these.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ nilpferd - hope it's not too late to wish you bon voyage and send you seasonal greetings from south west Herts.

@ everyone else - we need to arrange effective cover for Nilpfred while he's away. I'm quite happy to take on the Go-Betweens/Robert Forster/Grant McLennan nominations. Any one else willing to take on an area of nilpferd's traditional repertoire?

May1366 said...

You're probably marching with the penguins as I type, nilpferd, but if not, have a safe journey and all the Christmas stuff. See you in 09.

saneshane said...

@ToffeeBoy I shall take on the Ninja Tunes while Nilpf away

nilpferd said...

Lip trembles. *sniffs*
Wait, I think I have something in my eye..
There, that's better.
Guys, I'd be honoured.

Not quite with the penguins- still battling Stuttgart's crazy chrissy Saturday.
Flight is not until Wednesday, so I've added my year's Spill picks.
Anyone needing a booty shake please check out Instant Death.

steenbeck said...

Nilpferd, glad you're not gone yet. I wanted to thank you, in turn, for all the music you've introduced me to this year...The wonderful heroic historical horns series, Cannonball Adderly, Eddie Harris, and so many more. Have a lovely trip.

nilpferd said...

You're most welcome Steen! I'll miss the repartee on CJ, here, and RR over the next couple of weeks.. will probably try to look in around Christmas, at least. Hope your old bones have a relaxing festive season. I should be coaxing mine into packing, really, but any excuse not to start is a good one..

ejaydee said...

Before you go, Merry Christmas and Happy (or is it hippo now?) New Year, have a good trip and if you don't see any penguins I'm sure there are sheep you can snap.

DarceysDad said...

Best wishes for the festive season, and travel safely, Hippo Family.

I'll be thinking of you when I'm playing E2-E4 (through the headphones in a darkened room, at the end of a kid-frenzied day over the holidays, no doubt).

nilpferd said...

Cheers, Eej and DeeD, wishing you the same.
And if I can't snap a sheep, portray a penguin or focus on fantails I'll assiduously attempt to acquire an approximation of an albatross.
Now, I have to prepare for the flight.. anyone know the Korean for "can my daughter ride up front with the pilot?"