Monday, April 13, 2009

Album of the Week: Aidan Moffat - I Can Hear Your Heart

We've got something a wee bit different for you this week. Garry Mulholland of The Observer described it thusly Sunday 20 January 2008:
I Can Hear Your Heart is a musical novel by former Arab Strap singer/lyricist Aidan Moffat about the adventures, regrets, and dark comedy of being a pissed, chaotic and promiscuous man in your mid-twenties.
There's no verse-chorus. No hooks. Virtually no beats. And most of it is spoken ... and no, not rapped ... in a hypnotic Falkirk sigh.
Now if those sounds more artsy than music, just give it a listen. I'm not much for poetry and performance art and all that, but this is a terrific record that really draws you in. And its fun.

Please play the tracks in order!!!!!!!

Obviously from the description above you kinda have to hear the whole thing; short stories aren't greatest hits from a novel. This one track will give you a good idea if you will like the whole bit or not though.
(It was one of Blimpey's early podcasts that started me down this road btw; I'd missed it first time around but mnemonic put all the RR podcasts she could find in dropbox and I listened to them .... er, and some promises were made by some people to record again soon and not been kept. Harumph)


Shoegazer said...

Enjoyed the storytelling when this came out, but it might as well be an Irvine Welsh audio book & will be revisited about as often. His new one though? Now that's an album.

tincanman said...

I've put it in dropbox as well then.

Anonymous said...

quick comment
'I can hear your heart' is a lovely package from the beautiful line drawing on the cover to the honest story telling.. the short story 'poop'(in the Book) sets the tone and really it goes down from there - in a good way - I'm so glad my life doesn't in any way resemble this any more!!
The enhanced CD will finish you off with the taxi story... after that you can make your own 5 track EP.

Now unless you are already hooked and have an interest in this kind of work.. I'm not going to demand that you go out and buy it... as shoey points out, it'll probably end up on your self, with a very rare outings.

(there's a discussion about indie going on at the moment.. and this is as indie as you are likely to get)

His new album - that's less than TWO months old - is a cracker. The WHOLE album is available on Spotify if you want to try before you......... put Chemikal out of business etc..

tincanman said...

I already bought it lol

DarceysDad said...

Evening, tin.

DsGran's internet connection and machine won't support me getting to this, so it will be the end of the week before I can catch up. Looking forward to it. Have you heard any of (Richmond Fontaine frontman) Willy Vlautin's stuff? He's recently attempted something similar, which I admit I haven't got around to myself yet.

steenbeck said...

Don't play it for anyone's gran!!

Sorry, I haven't had time to listen yet. This is one I can't really listen to in front of the little fellows, and (spring break!) there is no non-little-fellows time. I'm enjoying the first few seconds of each song.

Japanther said...

I rather enjoyed this I have to say, I was definitely drawn in and it was indeed fun. As Shoegazer said, not sure how often i'll listen to it, but i'm glad I had the opportunity to hear it, thanks!

Also, a big big thanks for dropping "How to get to...", for us poor souls who can't Spotify. Exceeded my expectations on every level, I think I liked every single track on it, great stuff!

goneforeign said...

I don't know if this is part of my ongoing problem of not finding RR every week but when Tincan says 'please play the tracks in order!!', where do I find the bloody tracks, there's nothing there but the 'this one track', which is all I've been able to play.

Japanther said...

GF - have you joined the Dropbox crew?? I think you need to e-mail tincanman to get a personal invite, but it gives you a whole world of RR tunes and access to the AOTW.

goneforeign said...

Japanther: I thought I had but I'm not sure, perhaps tincan will respond.

Blimpy said...

I find the track "Good Morning" one of the most amazing emotional recordings ever made. Whenever it comes on my ipod, it stops me dead and I break out in chills.

The initial tracks that I heard from this album appealed to me cos of the earthy Scots humour, but there really is a lot more to it than that.

Shame on me for not actually owning this record, and not listening to it ``ccording to the instructions. I was waiting for it to turn up in the second hand record store. Hmmm, Spotify doesn't quite follow the instructions either cos I cant read the short story first.

Blimpy said...

I should add that I think it should be listened to through headphones, so Aiden is sexily breathing into your ear at all times.

Blimpy said...

I should add that I think it should be listened to through headphones, so Aiden is sexily breathing into your ear at all times.