Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair Today...................... Gone Tomorrow.

Big Blonde
Studio Hair Gel
Another Hair Do
Electric Hairdo
Human Hair
Wind in my Hair
Who found who's hair in who's bed?
Bad Haircut
Springfiel, Or Bobby Got A Shadfly Caught In His Hair
Hair Shoes
Let Your Hair Down Baby
You cut her Hair
The Girl With The Strawberry Hair
It's Because... We've Got Hair
Bob George


Blimpy said...

Superb playlist! I'm so far loving the eclecticism and brevity of the first 3 songs.

saneshane said...

heres the tracks Blimpy cheers for listening:
Big Blonde - Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs
Studio Hair Gel - Barcelona
Another Hair Do - Charlie Parker, Miles Davis
Electric Hairdo - Lionrock
Human Hair - Lovers
Wind In My Hair - Me Succeeds
Who Found Who's Hair In Who's Bed? - Owen (Polyvinyl have a garage sale on, even with postage from the US it's always fun and good value)
Bad Haircut - Silver Sun
Springfiel, Or Bobby Got A Shadfly Caught In His Hair - Sufjan Stevens
Hair Shoes - Pale Saints
Let Your Hair Down Baby - T-Bone Walker
You Cut Her Hair - Tom McRae
The Girl With The Strawberry Hair - Talulah Gosh
It's Because... We've Got Hair - Tunng
Bob George - Prince

I did try to mix up the tunes this week and get out of my comfy indie zone - a little bit!

nilpferd said...

Shane, I'm rushing around a bit today so probably can't listen until tomorrow, but I just dropboxed J Swinscoe's Goatee Part 1.. now I need to go and have a shave and cook some food..

saneshane said...

thank you very much nilpferd..
I shall go and have a listen.

TracyK said...

Really liked the Barcelona, Tallulah Gosh and Tom McRae tracks here Shane, saw me through the wee small hours!

Japanther said...

Finally getting time to listen; loved The Pale Saints and Lionrock and was ace to hear Silver Sun again

steenbeck said...

DIdn't get a chance to say during the week that I listened to this and enjoyed it very much, and once again felt your whole list could be the final list.

saneshane said...

Hey everyone.. glad you had a listen and found something you liked.. might be a quieter week if people are away for Easter.
We are off to see my Dad... but he will often come up with obscure Blues and Folk for the theme - does depend on if the theme is conducive.