Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Musical Youth

You know that bit of text that someone (I'm assuming in the McFlah camp) puts at the top of the comment box? The one that usually says 'Spill it baby, Spill it' or somesuch? Well, that bit of text currently keeps triggering the very most powerful of formative memories for me:

'In West Philadelphia born and raised
On a playground was where I spent most of my days'

It reminds me, every time, of the one inalienable fact that I hold to be true of ALL English males of my generation - we know, each and every one of us, the full words, without hesitation, to two musical pieces:

1. The theme tune to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (played in its much less known full version here)
2. John Barnes' rap from 'World in Motion'.

I was bewteen 10 and 12 at the time both of these tunes became popular and I reckon that this is the time at which certain - often bizarre - lasting musical memories can most powerfully be created. I can also, if pressed, remember almost every word to 'Ice Ice Baby', but we'll leave that alone for now.

So I ask you, what sticks in your head from years gone by that you just can't (indeed won't) ever shift? Inexplicable, random, emotional or just plain odd, how does your brain work?

Altogether now, 'You've got to hold and give, but do it at the right time...'


DarceysDad said...

With you on World In Motion, Snadfrod, but have never seen an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in my life.

If you want "plain odd", I give you ...

♪ Bee-Ex Oh Two-o-o-o-o, OneOne Three-e-e-e-e [pause] Four Oh Sev-u-u-r-r-n ♪

At the age of around nine or ten, there was a blazing family row about lost holiday money between me and my brothers. As a consequence I memorised the serial number of my last bank note to the tune of an advert that was doing the rounds (I think radio rather than telly) at the time. 35 years later, I have *NO* idea what the ad was, but I can still instantly recall the bank note number. It's become a family joke; middle brother will occasionally throw the question at me in mid-conversation, and I'll have to recite it.

I'll, um, get me anorak, shall I?

snadfrod said...

DsD, I bow to you. That is immense. I can't even begin to understand the mind that would do that, and yet I think I know exactly why and how you did it. Brilliant.

Also, on the subject of jingles, anyone growing up in the Manchester Key 103 area in the mid nineties will surely know that the number for the Mortgage Point was '745 94 94 (The Mortgage Point!)'.

Actually, Rich, can you get my coat too, while you're there?...

Blimpotron said...

dear snad, this post made both us mcflahs laugh out loud when I read it out. check, check, check on all 3 tunes. I still bust out a bit of vanilla ice occasionally.

the other one we both know backwards (and still play the the 7" for the teeny weeny) is this one:

You think that I'm a threat 'cause I'm the best you could ever get
I never make the teachers' pet
And ease yourself, I know you despise me
You criticize and override me
But I'm better and a whole lot cleverer
A go-getter, you know, a trend setter
I'm all the rage and all the craze
Come on, change the record, gotta turn the page

I know all the words. ALL THE WORDS.

Spill points if anyone else does.....and uber spill points if you can name the computer game it featured in. I was indeed 12/13 when it came out.

'Spill AdminBot said...

Oh, and if anyone wants to nominate some text for the comments box, feel free - this is your blog, remember? I've been putting guff in there for far too long...

snadfrod said...

More Will Smith, Blimpo? At one stage I knew ALL THE WORDS to Wild Wild West, but that's one that has flown the coop by now, irrationally or otherwise.

As for your computer game track, it rings lots of bells, but none loudly enough. Sigh.

DarceysDad said...

Check your email inbox, fellas.

Blimpy said...

Wicka Wild Wild West, Fred West?

snadfrod said...

John West.
Gone West.

Shoey said...

Welcome home Mr. Frod. RR & the mighty 'Spill just haven't been the same without you.

Luke-sensei said...

spot on Snadfrod - especially Ice Ice just refuses to budge from my brain

I always thought that if I could put that part of a brain that involuntarily memorises lyrics, into learning a language or greek poetry, then I would be multilingual or an Abahachi type scholar by now......instead, my most impressive CV attribute would be a perfect rendition of Heavy D and the Boyz......

snadfrod said...

@shoey - many thanks, you are too kind. At last I am settled and feel glad to be able to contribute once more. Not sure I'll get on RR much this weekend as it is a bit hectic, but step by step, huh?

@japanther - the language thing is one that has always frustrated me. I can learn lines/lyrics incredibly easily, but have no comprehension of other linguistic structures and consequently always fail on account of my inability to shift modes in my brain. It will always be a regret.

Heavy D, though. Nice.

AliMunday said...

We are happy cows
We chew the cud and browse
Beacuse we're eating up our greens
It makes our butter taste supreme ...
Anchor butter - the green green grass!

To make things worse I'm sure I read somewhere that the words were written by Salman Rushdie. But perhaps that was another urban myth.