Friday, April 24, 2009


Moustique by Zao [Spotify link;] is not only great, it's also a scathing diatribe against mosquitoes.
"Mosquito, you're a bastard, you're a racist, you sting the African, you tickle the European, you sting the king, you're an anarchist, you sting the president, you're a putschist [is putsch a word in English? It means coup d'Etat], you're a murderer, they used insecticide but you're invincible"
(Unfortunately my file is iTunes protected, so can't share it with you)

Honey Bee, sampled brilliantly by Wu-Tang Clan (as always) WU-Tang killer bees, on the swarm!
Kill That Roach, which can only be about a cockroach, certainly not about a dying joint, no, no, no.
Lady Bug. An unprecedented insight into the minds and lives of insects, in the funkiest way imaginable. Bassline: check, disco piano: check. strings: check, ladybugs(birds) whispering sweet nothings to each other in the Bug Club, check!
Mosca Na Sopa. Raul Seixas is the fly in your soup, he'll ruin your dinner, and try to speak truth to power at the same time.
Ay Mariposa Oh Butterfly you are free and beautiful kind of thing, which is a nice change from songs about birds.
Sweet Butterfly


Shoey said...

Great Bee pic Ejay! Just me & the cat later, so should be able to get some listening in.

ejaydee said...

If only I had taken it Shoey, most of my blog pics actually come form the Guardian. I used to save the ones that might illustrate a theme.