Friday, April 3, 2009

Hairy Monsters (& Some Baldies)

Golden Locks
Car Wash Hair
The Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair
Sans Toupee
The League Of Bald-Headed Men
Dub Those Crazy Baldheads
Take The Skinheads Bowling
Bury The Hair
Second Coming
Si SeƱor The Hairy Grill


saneshane said...

Enjoyed Carissa's Wierd again Shoey, Perry and the prof, think I've got that Rough Trade counter culture with Tracy and the plastics on.. another meninblack track to add on to my itunes is always good.. (didn't Hugh C do a track called ummm Black Hair, black eyes something something..? Haven't been back to RR so it's probable up there somewhere)
and I love that Zutons track and Yello always makes me sad that all my limited edition singles were stolen.

Wasn't in the mood for Mark E today, but no harm in that..
was just good to be working at home with good tunes.. cheers mate.

and love the hairy beast picture.

Shoey said...

Was a little annoyed not to find a song about dandruff & nothing from the Mountain Goatees either. Haven't followed hughinblack's solo stuff too closely, but think this was an album title - going to have to check it out now. Sorry about your Yello singles - all my single & album covers have been eaten by mice. Think the vinyl is still intact, although it's 3,000 miles away & almost 20 years since I've seen it.

Found the monster on Flickr - am sure it's from a book I knew as a kid & it's bugging me that I can't remember which one? 'Spill points to whoever can come up with more details about our hairy friend.

saneshane said...

hairy monster reminds me of a Bugs bunny episode that i'm sure nilpferd and steen have linked to.. but also a... (right I'm going to have to go down stairs and find this).... back in a bit.... 'A dark and silly night' no it's not that.. ummm.

do you want me to pick up your vinyl and look after it for a while?
although nibbles from rats after storage at my folks farm- not just the covers- is putting paid to converting my stuff at the moment!

I was pissed about the Yello, more because they wouldn't have known how much it was worth, and various albums that were stolen ended up in my local second hand shop, but not the limited ones... 18 years ago now so, really.. I'm NOT bitter.. he he.

Shoey said...

If you're going anywhere near Godalming, you can collect my black plastic if you want..Let me know? Now what have I had stolen lately? Oh yes! My car! More 'Spill points if you can guess what cd's were lost with it.

saneshane said...

Shit.. that's not good.

before I moved up to Norwich.. the Hogs Back was my stop off point every Friday.

Did you know the guy from the stranglers fan club that became the singer?
(I think he lived in the flat in ASH above my friends!)

How much vinyl - let me at it!!!!

a couple of my friends use my folks farm as a storage shelter.. now if I could start a radio broadcast from there linked with Aba and Blimpy.. how cool would that be.. and I want to go and borrow nilpferds collection too.

Shoey said...

Hey, we were almost neighbours! Was probably in a lot of the same places at the same time as the guy who took over from Hugh, but doubt I would recognize him today. Vinyl is (probably) still there if you want to pick it up.

Blimpy said...

I haven't heard Car Wash Hair for about 12 years - love it!

And I was oddly listening to the Manic's cover of "bowling" earleier in the week.

Blimpy said...

Radio Spill would be aces!

saneshane said...

Shoey, I finally found the Hugh Cornwell track, in my new improved music sorting system.. if you didn't.. I dropboxed it any way..

Blimpy radio spill would be cool.. a couple of friends do internet shows.. one was from Brighton and one from Germany.. couldn't be that hard to set up .... could it?????

Japanther said...

just getting around to listening Shoey, loved "Take The Skinheads Bowling" which I thought I knew, but maybe just knew of, because I didn't recognise it when I listened, great song though.

Tracy and the Plastics was ace too!

Shoegazer said...

Shane, cheers for the Hugh track - off to have listen now, along with AOTW hosted by Darce.

Blimpy, think the Manics are turning into the ultimate covers band.

JP, better late than never - thanks for listening.

TracyK said...

Found the book your pic comes from:

Shoegazer said...

Cool, thanks Tracy.

steenbeck said...

Just like with Shane's list...Didn't listen in time to dond, but very much enjoyed listening. ANd I love that picture! Spepcially liked Golden locks, Car Wash Hair, dub Those Crazy Baldheads and Take the Skinheads Bowling.

Shoegazer said...

Tracy - your link didn't lead me to the book that I thought I remembered, but loved the art nontheless.

Steen - There was nothing to Dond, as I didn't find the time to post over on Mothership last week. 'Spilling tunes is so much easier than describing or justifying. Feeling guilty now that I haven't got round to yours, TFD's or Shane's spillage yet - will try to do better next week.

saneshane said...

Tracy- the link wasn't the book I thought I remembered either.. but I loved that one (sold out- though) but I've been re-directed to their International distributers and some of the comics are just stunning...

and Shoey
I love take the skinhead bowling - John Peel used to play it loads - it got in the 'sporting top 10' still the smallest amount of suggestions for any subject (but it was very early on)

so what CDs went missing then? surely the collective spill could help you out! (it's not bad if you've purchased them once already)
unfortunately we can't do that for the car.

Shoegazer said...

Shane - Very kind of you - but the contents were backed up on the external drive. Is it a bad sign when you miss the cd's as much as the car?