Friday, April 3, 2009


Carter Family
NIna Simone
Nina Simone
Talib Kweli
Mikey Dread
Bob Marley
Erykah Badu
Danger Doom
Ghostface Killah
De La Soul
PJ Harvey


steenbeck said...

Did anyone else get a message supposedly from me that said "I LIke Eyore"? Cause I didn't do that. But it came from my name and my e-mail. It's freaking me out a bit. What could it be?

saneshane said...

once again an eclectic mix steenb..
glad you put up the Danger Doom.. I was trying to find it.. but i've just rearranged my music storage, so can't find it ( I do this once in a while to re-discover stuff)
do you have the 'Braided hair' Speech track? I think someone has nominated it under 1 giant leap.

I do like how De la Soul goes into PJ Harvey.. this subject has put together weird juxtaposition.. I had just listed to DsDs Turbonegro then your Nina Simone.. how odd, could only happen on RR and the spill... then I watched the Video you posted and felt the dancing is so cool.. but the cut of the clothes and hair.. brave and WOW!

saneshane said...

yeah steen..
I got that message and wondered if its the anonymous that been trying to spam the spill... tis not so good if they are getting your ident.

it's not so bad for you mac users though is it?

Blimpy said...

I'll go tinker with the commenting permissions - the spam has been quite persistent this month.

Blimpy said...

Has anyone got the new PJ Harvey record yet?

Japanther said...

De La Soul and the "Four Women" track (powerful stuff) hit home for me. enjoyable list for a sunny and very warm Tokyo day!

Anonymous said...

I missed RR this week as it was our boy's 4th birthday. Lots of family & friends round, and crazy partying with jelly and ice-cream.

Reprogramming myself for work this week has been difficult, but this was good to listen to while whittling away at my 'inbox'.

Lovely playlist as always !

steenbeck said...

THank you so much for listening, Shane, Japanther, and DaddyPig. I know about those crazy ice cream parties. It takes days to recover. Those yougsters with their raves and their rave drugs have no idea...