Thursday, April 16, 2009

If those old black and white movies were true

I was going to post this before Actors came up.. thinking the subject of film, stars and celebrity had been exhausted....
I love the way song writers use the imagery from film to paint a picture in your minds eye of exactly what they are getting at.. and expecting you to understand the workings of film making at the same time...

It's not at all cut well and was going to have me talking about some of the songs too, but I can't work out the technology properly at the moment. There's about 33 different tracks all together and I'm guessing none of them got in any of the RR subjects.

But as Actors will be finished at midnight here is the rough cut.. I have many more subjects that I can do in the future!

Scene one..take one
Bill Bixby (interlude)
Scene one...take two


Blimpy said...

I do like the shanemash-ups

Japanther said...

I'll Dond that! the saneshane music library is an incredible place, where i'd happily spend a few days just browsing....

saneshane said...

thank you for listening blimpy... have you witnessed any stunning sets this week?

saneshane said...

and thank you too Japanther..
I haven't got back to RR yet but noticed you nominating Emily Kane.. fingers crossed I should get to see them next weekend.. so a dond here for that.

Japanther said...

thanks Shane, my computer is not responding well to RR tonight, so I haven't been back, but if Emily Kane is not the ultimate song about first love, then I don't know what is....

nilpferd said...

Saw this early this morning, I was looking forward to it all day- can't listen at work. Didn't disappoint.. great mixes.. what is the Massive Attack track?

nilpferd said...

and what's the first King Kong track?

saneshane said...

scene one=
The Italian Job : It's Caper Time Quincy Jones
Drinking In LA Bran Van 3000
Tech Romance Her Space Holiday
Summer Sundays TRIP
Lust In The Movies The Long Blondes
The Shy Retirer Arab Strap
Hahaha/On My 19th Why?
Hollywood On My Toothpaste Télépopmusik Feat. Mau
Ruth, Roses And Revolvers The Real Tuesday Weld
French Movies Magnus
King Kong Frown Departure Lounge
King Kong Regular fries
Those Old Black And White Movies Were True Eugene McGuinness

interlude is by Viva Voce

scene two=

Picture Show Ballboy
Brimful Of Asha (Single Version) [Berkeley] Cornershop
Starlett Johansson The Teenagers
What's Ya Take on Cassavettes Le Tigre
Out At The Pictures Hot Chip
Julie Christie! Spearmint
Something To Do With My Hands Her Space Holiday
Madame Hollywood [Tiga Remix] Felix Da Housecat
I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Jurgen Paape Remix) Sam Taylor-Wood & Pet Shop Boys
[Dark Of The] Matinee (Headman Remix) Franz Ferdinand
We Need More Close-Ups Miles
Matinee Idol Rufus Wainwright
Swimming Pools, Movie Stars The Wedding Present
Debaser Pixies
The Smell Of Suntan Oil On Your Skin At Swim Two Birds

hope that helps!!!

saneshane said...

I did get your e-mail I'm just a bit slack when it comes to typing..

What I wanted to ask is, do you know a label called Smalltown Supersound.. from Norway?
I got a promo that might be able to be got tomorrow in record shop day.. it was also in the uk on A CD covermount with Plan B magazine... called 'On Fire'
interesting electronica that I think you would like..
I'm putting this here because if anyone else knows of good stuff on the label I'd like to hear it..

and can I manipulate
'How Do I Love Thee' Queen Latifah
into first loves.

nilpferd said...

Aah, it was Hollywood on my toothpaste and King Kong Frown I was looking for... you could have added the Go-betweens' The house that Jack Kerouac built,
-In a darkened cinema, I'll give you
pleasure in the stalls-
Always good to hear Debaser..

nilpferd said...

All I know from Norway is Jazzlands, coincidentally Beady Belle from that label is here tomorrow evening.. Smalltown Supersound looks interesting, they appear to have their entire catalog on Spotify..
On fire looks like a great mix, of the artists I've heard Mungolian Jet Set before, Tussle also sounds good.
Just listening to Spotify now, Lars Horntveth combines quiet electronica with clarinet and orchestra on Pooka to good effect, and I think Kim Hiorthoy's My last day could be right up your alley..

saneshane said...

Mungolian jet set's 'Clairevoyage' I was going to post for steen!

shall have to listen on spotify to to smalltown then - I point people in its direction (spotify) but still don't use it myself...

...tried to find a link to your hospital. but just get pdfs.. I'm now intrigued as to what your architecture is like.

nilpferd said...

I was also thinking of Christian Prommer's Drum Lesson's Claire- a remake of Patrick Pulsinger's techno track.. maybe we need a steen tribute post..

Photos are here,
the photographer managed to avoid capturing the diggers which were hard at work outside.. no desperate calls today, so hopefully everything is fine for monday..

saneshane said...

Here's to a peaceful weekend then.

I would have made the footprint in the shape of a bed pan.. so google earth looks down at the hospital and..... ummmmm is this why I design t-shirts and they don't let me hold sharp objects for too long?


That is some building, do you feel.. kind of deflated.. now it's coming to be signed off?
I get it with small projects.. keep wanting to tweak it, I dislike a blank start.. but the first rush with ideas is great and then nearing the end.. but I'm never comfortable with a finalization.

Were you about for Female names RR, I think it was very early on (famously! Dorian originally included Pixies Allison) it would be mightily improved now I think with everyones extra song knowledge.

nilpferd said...

Good idea with the bedpan.. I can see the plus-points Google-earth wise, hard to get funding approved in Germany though for the extra facades.. Thüringen is a pretty down to earth state, I'm happy enough we got so much wood and colour in there as it is..
Not quite deflated yet- still on a high. Ask in about two weeks when the users move in.. we will be then.. the hardest thing is going in one day, and people look at you strangely, and ask you what you're looking for in their building.. but it was fun, a lot of good people involved, some good memories. Actually the hardest part is starting the next project. I don't have keep-wanting-to-tweak-it-o-phobia- sandra does though- but I get attached to a group of people and find it hard to suddenly not see them any more.
That's Aries for you.

I missed female names on RR, I would certain have nommed the Go-betweens' brilliant Karen and Tallulah.

saneshane said...

Oh no..
Tallulah Gosh did 'in love for the first time' can't remember it at all.. I have no memory except vague words or titles for song.. now I'll have to find it.

Do you mean the bloody users of a hospital or the people who run it?

I actually have loads of questions but just can't express myself clearly.

and That is why (female names or sport for DsD) some subjects should be re-visited on the spill.

thanks for the photo link and the heads up on spotify for smalltown.

nilpferd said...

Cheers, shane- the Go-betweens track was called You tell me, starts off -Tallulah took a shower for an hour, walks down the street looking beautiful and clean..-
so probably not qualified for female names..

Users for us=people who run the hospital, obviously it's their workplace but you do feel some illogical resentment when they take over the place.. they only call you when something's broken or doesn't work, that's as it should be but the house is still our baby for a while and it's hard letting go..

goneforeign said...

Nilp: I wish your website had an English version, I'm impressed but also confused, it seems that your company specialises in hospitals and there are many there to see. Very impressive and I do see common stylistic features throughout, I like many of the interior details; I assume that your current project is the Thuringen one?
On the 'team' page I see 6 blokes and I'm guessing that you're the tall one in the middle, he looks like a jazz fan?
What's the next project and how are they all different?

nilpferd said...

Right, the Rudolstadt project is the one opening on Monday. Before that I spent five years working on Marburg. I'm on the right in green, sandra is two places behind me. The website is brand new, it will be available in english soon; our firm is also new, splitting off from a larger entity a couple of years ago, which was stressful. Each of the hospitals has a different function- Rudolstadt is a geriatric hospital, Marburg was specialised on women's and children's medicine. We have tried to develop a style, pleased if that shows through.

steenbeck said...

Evidently you fellows did not get my note forbidding you to have interesting conversations while I was away.

I just finished reading all of my emails--I haven't had time to listen to ANYTHING yet, but I'm looking forward to this, Saneshane. (I was hoping for a film to go with it?)

For topics that we've already had on RR--there's always the 'Spill! I think if anyone posted a playlist based on sport or women's names, others would be sure to follow along...

Nilpferd's hospital!! Good lord! It made me so happy to see all the pictures that I can't think of anything intelligent to say about it. Just amazing--the light, the space--the shadows, the shades of color--wish I was more articulate. And I like your green shirt. And Sandra's an architect, too? It opened yesterday? Looking at the pictures made me think about my experiences in a hospital--birth and death... but I've never been in a hospital that felt like a good space for all those emotions.

Phew, I'm babbling and Isaac and I have to be at the library in 15 minutes.

Thanks for the photos, Nilpferd.

nilpferd said...

Cheers, Steen! We're both architects, yes. (Sandra did the casework design- the nurse stations- among other things, on side 6). Although it has to be said there were at least four of us equally involved in the design work, so it's by no means "mine"..
We're on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment, the opening went well yesterday, but tomorrow I'll be wrangling over shower cubicles, non-functioning sliding doors, clothes hooks..

saneshane said...

Glad the opening went well nilpferd..
(can you search for stuff by record label on spotify by the way, I can only find one song and that is called Smalltown supersound?)

Steen.. I was going to do this as a proper podcast, but didn't have enough time.. the subject matter coming up again so quickly.
I missed out loads of good tracks too that relate to films.. but oh well.

we will have to re visit some subjects again soon I think.

nilpferd said...

Shane, I just searched for the artists listed on the Smalltown Supersound website, there aren't that many of them.. lars horntveth, tussle, lindstrom, serena maneesh, nisennenmondai, mental overdrive, diskjokke, kim hiorthoy, bjorn torske, toy...