Saturday, April 11, 2009

What I Did On My Holidays - Pt 2

I know it's a bit after the event, but frogprincess did ask and I did promise.
So, apart from meeting Shoey, what did we do on our fortnight in Florida?
In one word, Disney.
Or as my girls say - "Dizz-ur-nee".
As this pic shows, in spite of our best efforts not to let them be starstruck at meeting some true international icons . . . 

Daisy and Minnie just couldn't believe their luck at meeting DsSis and Darcey!!
 In the fourteen days we were there, we took the girls to Disney parks on ten of 'em! And even then, we never got to Epcot, never went to Downtown Disney, and only got round about half of Uncle Walt's Hollywood Studios.
On top of that we never went to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Orlando, Cape Canaveral, GatorWorld, the seaside, the Everglades, or even downtown Kissimmee, only three miles away!
For those who haven't been before, it is almost impossible to describe the sheer scale of the Disney operation; it's just MASSIVE. Spaces for 28,000 cars to park (at an additional $12 per car per day, the bastards), and then you need a shuttle bus to get to the entrances. And for Magic Kingdom, then you still have a mile-and-a-half to go to get in, via either monorail or ferry. Once you're in, the company I'm beginning to see as one of the most insidious in the world waste no time in getting to grips with your children - taking their fingerprints via scanners to get in, FFS!
So is it magical, fp? Oh yes, if you're under ten years old . . .

 . . . [Ed: Sorry DsD, did you just harrumph "only if you're under 10 y.o."? What's this then?]. . .

. . .Oh  OK, OK, regardless of age.

Is it expensive? Well it is unless you have the experience of others to call upon (thank you 'Spillers!), and an iron will when your kids are pleading with you for that Princess fancy dress outfit at almost fifty quid, that they'll wear twice at most.

Tip: go to WalMart on your way there. We bought a pushchair - sorry, stroller - for Darcey for the equivalent of £8. At Disney, to rent one for the day was $15. DsMam's (official) Minnie Mouse T-shirt? $27 at Disney, $12 at WalMart.
Here's a couple of usual DsD faves with their take on the subject.

Patterson Hood (YouTube vid link)

The Mighty Wah!

Would I do it again? Hmmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one. It'll probably be hard to resist. After all, Uncle Walt's got them out there . . . watching us watching them!


steenbeck said...

Beautiful girls, DsD, just beautiful. The other day Isaac said, "I want one of these sister grils(Sic)" Ah, well.

Is Shoegazer the big blue guy or the little green guy?

DarceysDad said...

Well since even Darcey will tell you that the green one is (altogether now in squeaky voices): "Mike Wazowski", then I guess that means th...

tincanman said...

Looks like yuou may have brought several wives with you. Didn't realize you were Mormon, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just, well I have one and I'm not sure why you'd want two.

tincanman said...

need, I mean.
Not want.
Cause they are perfect, so one is more than enough.

FP said...

Darce, thanks for that.Your girls are utterly delightful and look and though they had a marvellous time. I share all of your views expressed in the post. For me, Jarvis Cocker hit the nail on the head with his song "Disney Time" (it's in my cartoon playlist - you know, the one that got three in the A List [Ed - Behave FP!!!]) And yet on the other side of the coin, I always see lots of piss poor Geordie families on my flight back to CDG who have saved up every last penny and scrimped (mother looks as though she hasn't eaten properly for week and she's wearing flip flops. In winter) in order to take the kids to Eurodisney. Just the magic and anticipation on those kid's faces says it all. An if they can't dream at that age in this sad old world of ours..... when can they dream, eh?
Happy Easter to you and DarcysMaM and DarcysSiS and of course to Darcy.

Blimpy said...

I never knew it was so bleedin' enormous. Or should that be enormouse??

Japanther said...

Blimpy, are you taking the Mickey?

I went there when I was about 12 years old (it was for the benefit of my younger brother) and the main thing I remember was just the sheer size of was a bit run down back then, I presume they've spruced it up a bit.
The other enduring memory was an alligator in the pond by the hotel and a wolf howling at night!

CaroleBristol said...

As that old Hollywood adage goes;

You don't fuck with da Mouse

Shoegazer said...

Was very cool to meet 3 generations of family DsD (thanks to them for letting me borrow the man, himself for our musical night out on the town).

TracyK said...

I wish I could post the picture my American friend sent me when she took her half-Japanese daughter to Dreamland in Australia: the pic of her little girl, with a panda bib and black and white skeleton legwarmers staring round-eyes up at Dorothy the Octopus (I think, I've chosen cats over kids!) is a joy to behold. Beyond kawaii, as are Darcey and Jess Rich.