Friday, April 17, 2009


I was absolutely thrilled to read in the actual Guardian when I got home today that Marilyn Monroe by the Ian Campbell Folk Group was indeed in the 'Actors' A-list. On the offchance that you haven't heard this song, I'm giving it a post to itself - I'll do a First Love one later.

I used to frequent the folk club that was held every week at the Green Man in Potters Bar. It's the custom in folk clubs that 'floor singers', ie members of the audience who get up and do a song in the interval, get in for free, so I used to sing to them every week. The club's resident band (who were all men) decided that they needed a female singer and they asked me to be it! Unfortunately when I asked my mother she said no, because I was doing my O levels at the time.

But if I HAD joined the band I'd have sung this song often, because I learned it from them and they probably sang it every other week.

Marilyn Monroe

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