Sunday, April 19, 2009

Counting The Cost


OK, I'll admit up front that my own contribution on the day was pathetic: one purchase, three quid (although it was a Double Disc re-issue of REM's Green and Monster, so the VFM factor was high.)

But I did try to do my bit earlier in the week.

So here's to Radar Records of Huddersfield, for providing me with 12 albums, including two double CDs and a triple, for the princely sum of eighteen quid.

So ... Where did you go?

What did you spend? [Vulgar, DsD, vulgar! - Ed.]

What was your 'best' purchase? (Define that as you want.)



goneforeign said...

Well I didn't participate, but I've got enough left over from many years of regular 'record store days' that I no longer feel the urge nor is there a store like my old favorite anywhere hereabouts.
Back when I was working there was a regular Sunday ritual, we lived in Long Beach and around noon we'd head up 395 to Santa Monica, approx 40 mins. There, we go to the Pioneer Bakery where they made the best bread in California and buy enough for a couple of weeks or more [freezer]. Then we'd have lunch in one of their great restaurants, usually lamb stew served in a scooped out 1lb French loaf with a couple of beers.
From there we'd head up Pico Blvd to Record Surplus, a great store that specialised in rare and cut out vinyl. I'd spend 2-3 hours poring through and playing vinyl, I usually accumulated an armful and I'd narrow them down and then do it again. By 5 pm we were ready to go, I'd usually have bought around 20-30 albums and the rest of the evening [week] was spent in my favorite pastime; feet up, headphones on, a glass of brandy or beer at hand and I listen whilst reading the liner notes.
Ah, happy days!
If anyone ever visits LA they're still there and well worth an afternoon.

Japanther said...

I managed to restrain myself somewhat, but in the "new albums" category, i headed to my favourite record shop in the world Warszawa in Shibuya and picked up the new Sun Araw (on Not Not Fun records) and the latest Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, both were only at a measly 10% off, but I would have bought them anyway, so.....

.....I then went next door to one of Tokyo's best secondhand record shops, Recofan and continued to feed my current obsession with finding out as much as possible about jazz music as I can (i've got a lot of history to catch up on!) and bought John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and "Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud" by Miles Davis for just a few quid each.

DarceysDad said...

Just realised that I hadn't actually mentioned anything I bought.

I'm on a 'come clean' kick at the moment, so my main aim for my visit(s) was to actually buy albums I've only previously had as fileshares.

The Twilight Singers' Blackberry Belle CD for a quid? Yes please!!

Abahachi said...

Nearest record store is about twelve miles away, and I didn't have any transport - Mrs Abahachi was using the car to visit her mother - so I'm saving mine for today, when I'll be in Bristol.

ejaydee said...

I didn't really follow what was happening, but I'll try and catch up this week.

Japanther, those are some very good choices, jazz-wise.

Blimpy said...

I bought from the Fence Records shop at the Homegame festival - I think I spent about 30 quids and got loadsa good stuff. More about that at a later date!

saneshane said...

Brakes - Touchdown
pre-release vinyl

(Q music has 'crystal tunings' as a download - I've just found out on the Brakes website):

and Domino did a special record for the day called Blood on the Tracks:
Side A
01. Fonz - Eugene McGuinness
02. Night Train - The Kills
03. Katherine Hit Me - Franz Ferdinand (Blood Version)
04. Hazel (Radio Edit) - Junior Boys
05. Playboy (Hot Chip Cover) -Max Tundra
Side B
01. The Wider Sun - Jon Hopkins
02. Hay Que Ver Se Voy - Juana Molina + Devendra/Vetiver (Unreleased Track)
03. Grand Canyon - Benjy Ferree (Magnetic Fields Cover)
04. One Way To Go - Cass McCombs
05. Curtain Craft - King Creosote

But I must say I've spent more at the record companies as today is a good day for releases.

I then went to the second hand shop and picked up a Black Box Recorder album.. all in all with 4 year old in tow and the pre-orders I was remarkable restrained.

sourpus said...

I had to do my contributing last week when I was in the UK, as good record stores (nor indeed proper record stores of any kind) Hungary barely possesses.

Last week, I made up for it though, with the following purchases (all new CD's, all from a new place I found in Nottingham):

69 Love Songs - Magnetic Fields (5 quid
Songs from Northern Britain/Grand Prix (double pack) - Teenage Fanclub (also a fiver)
Franks Wild Years - Tom Waits (3 quid)
Squeeze hits album (3 quid)
Lloyd Cole hits album (3 quid)
Flight of the Conchords album (3 quid)
Leonard Cohen (live at the O2) DVD (15 quid)

Pretty good hawl for 37 quid. I would have spend even more but I also would have missed my train back to Leicester

sourpus said...

Best purchase was the Leonard Cohen, but they again, how could ANY of those records which I mention above (even 69 Love Songs) compete with Leonard on (return to) form like that? There's just no way!!

TonNL said...

Didn't visit my favourite record store (Sounds in Venlo NL, check their website on RSD, alas, but visited the giant Utrecht cd and record fair, returned with a lot of stuff, without spending too much money....

Some highlights:
Booker T. (backed by the Drive By Truckers & Neil Young) - Potato Hole (promo: 5 euros)
Pearl Jam - Ten/Ten redux (2cd - 8 euro)
Echo & the Bunnymen - Rhino 4cd box (19 euro)
New Order - Retro (4cd box - 19 euro)
Booka Shade - The sun & the neon light (German kraut/space-disco, higly recommended, especially for 4 euro....)

AliMunday said...

I've still got a lot of old ones and nothing to play them on. I used to go to a second hand record shop in Clifton (Bristol) - it might have been called The Wise Owl but I can't remember.

Most of the CDs I like now are remaindered so they're very cheap - or I swap recordings with friends.

AliMunday said...

Sorry - best purchase was "A Candle for Judith" by The Way We Live (Dandelion label) though I don't rate it so much now. It was 2nd hand and I was pleased as punch at the time.