Friday, April 17, 2009

Who stole my words?

Hey 'Spillers, remember the post from earlier in the week, where I gushed about how excited I was about the new Silversun Pickups LP?

The post where I put up an mp3 to try and convince you that Silversun Pickups were bloody ace?

The post where I linked to their website, with the phrase "support the band by clicking here" ?

The post that was basically free and supportive publicity for a not-very-well known band that'll be read by about 10,000 readers, on an ad-free blog? 

Remember that post? 

It's gone.

Deleted by Google, due to infringing the copyright of others on a page hosted by them. Try and find it, it doesn't exist anymore, it's wiped out. 

Now what bothers me about this, isn't being pulled up for posting copyrighted material, but the way it has been handled. 
There is a disclaimer on the sidebar, that says "we don't own the music posted on this site, if you want anything removed, just ask"

Ask, and I will remove mp3s...not a problem. 

Just don't delete my writing, my words, my intellectual property - that belongs to me and now it doesn't exist anymore. 


tincanman said...

Is there a non-google blog we could move the Spill to?

(And when I said 'we' I meant you, of course. I know nothing of web page/blog-type matters)

Blimpy said...

It is an option, there's quite a few other music bloggers who've moved to self-hosting due to Google deleting their posts.

saneshane said...

Hey I'm a hippy who loves this cowboy state that is the internet.. gets to F**k with my posts that wouldn't exist without me freely distributing someone else's intellectual property... shit. Where's the law?
Oh.. in Sweden, trying to work out what Pirate Bay is on about.

Me.. I'm looking forward to a spending spree at my local vinyl emporium tomorrow (record shop day) just to ease my befuddled mind, and we'll count the hours before I just can't resist posting some stuff on here!!!

p.s I did read your post.
It is the context.. remove MP3 fine.. remove the whole post = censorship. Surely that becomes the issue... but a bit chicken and egg.

p.p.s Re reading what I said before about the whole of albums (tin) I wasn't hiding it was my folks internet making me unable to engage and not naming me.
(F**king shit Sky - glad I steal their football coverage - makes up for them ripping off my folks)

Where was I?
oh Confused!
anyone got some decent new tunes?
and another thing...

Festi up-date please.

Blimpy said...

Off to Anstruther for the Homegame in 20 minutes - check the Fence take-over on GU music for KC's excellent ad-libbed song about Anster and Fife. Too funny.

I should be back with music and discoveries and a massive hangover!

Japanther said...

Record Shop Day!! F*ckin' A!! It's spread to Japan too, and I am pretty excited, but even better than that, I should have 50 kg (DHL's single item limit) of my own vinyl from 7 years ago arriving idea what's in there really, but will do a post when and if it arrives... do I bagsy a turn on Album Of The Week??

And I agree 100% Blimpy, that IS out of order and i'm sure everyone would support you if you wanted to move the site..

...apologies for any typos, it's nearly midnight and i've been on the "Strong Sevens" with only Haruki Murakami and Miles Davis for company.....

saneshane said...

enjoy the homegame Blimpy..
shall check out KC soon as I finish proper work....!

I think you have just nominated yourself for Mondays album of the week.. I will have to do one soon as well.. I AM KLOOT wasn't actually my idea.. I just took over a bit.

I just retrieved another box of vinyl from the ever accommodating folks house last weekend.. and a bag of tapes.. were we talking
FIRST LOVE ummm the smell, the feel... oh.

Happy hang overs you two!

Japanther said...

Now, there's a band! I saw I Am Kloot support the mighty Six By Seven (a dream line up if ever there was one!) back in the day, but don't have any actual IAK albums, so they would make a good AOTW.

I would love to post an AOTW for this week, but i'm sure there's a pecking order that needs to be taken into account...??

saneshane said...

This was the first cobbled together Album of the week, I guess you must of been away.. I am kloot:

unfortunately it was a bit random being the first, suggested by tin, donded by DsD as an idea and taken over by me... and no longer in dropbox (I won't look if it accidently returns!)

Peking order = who shouts first I'm guessing, if no one complains.. go for it.

(Blimpy and Steen are both away this weekend with the keys... so the kids can trash the house anyways)

Japanther said...

Thanks a lot for that Shane, much appreciated!

saneshane said...

that'll be tin.. I have fingers in ears.. going LA LA LA...
.. enjoy Record shop day and Kloot!

Liz@7PT said...

Hi Blimpy, Sorry to read this. I know a bit about literary copyright, tho' not music. This sounds like google are sailing a bit close to the wind if not outright infringement of your copyright. Internet is a bit of a wild west frontier at the mo, everyone's winging it.It might be worth checking out with the Guardian, who have obviously had to hammer out a few working agreement, e.g. new rule about posting a third of lyrics. This site gives them added value, so they owe you a consultation at least.

Liz@7PT said...

PS Above comment shd read from "Dominia" (I've had to resort to 2 blogging accounts).