Tuesday, January 22, 2008

By Day, By Night

Yes, for me it's a computer as well, and here's a bit of my view at night and then a crudely enlightened (staged) view by day. This is a temporary set-up so I'm enjoying the view while I can. What you see is some office buildings, opposite the river Pinheiros. You can't quite see it on the pictures, but on the left of those towers (on my bank of the river) there's a block of social housing, and on the left of that is a favela (actually you can see the rooves at the very bottom). Left of THAT are 4 huge white residential towers. All of this stuck together, São Paulo in a nutshell. The inside of the apartment isn't anything to write home about, my mate being the caricature of a bachelor that he is. It's all sharp angles and stuff, so I'd rather look out the window.


Blimpy McFlah said...

According to my figures, as well as your visits from Sao Paulo, we've also had visits from Osasco and Marilla ?!

ejaydee said...

World Famous Baby!!
Unless of course it works like GU blogs and it gives the sever location which can be pretty random as we know.

steenbeck said...

Must be nice to have some green out the window. Everything's so bleak here, at the moment. Though mid-winter bleakness is not without it's charms, I suppose. What time zone are you in there?

ejaydee said...

I'm 3 hours ahead of you at the moment steenbeck, but it'll be just one hour when you're on daylight savings time, and we're off it.
It's pretty bleak at the moment here too, grey drizzle and no that warm for a summer, basically just like it was in Europe. Sadly, the green you see are the plants that hide the urban jungle (I'm such a poet). Another thing you can't see are the imposing supermarket, sporting goods and hardware stores. I still like having such a varied view though. Luckily I'm on a hill, so while I'm on the ground floor, we get a bit of altitude.