Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fantastic idea, Princess

Thanks for turning us on to FIP, fp. I like the non-stop music, and the eclectic mix, tho' Peel it ain't. I like the display of what's playing too - dead handy if you like something (rather than the usual thing of hoping against hope that the DJ will deign to mention the name/performer, rather than cutting to a jingle or ad). The African bias is great too. For anyone who hasn't tried it yet, the url is
I'll try listening over the ether the next time I'm in Brighton.

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Frogprincess said...

Oh cheers for that, GHE. I've lived in France for (counts on fingers) 16 years now and have remained faithful to FIP. I am told it was originally conceived as drive-time radio for stressed-out Parisiens on the periphérique - hence the predominance of female voices. Other features on FIP: featured albums ever week - click on - La Séléction - at the left hand side and you can see their recommended new releases. And the archive of all songs played is useful too. ENJOY!!