Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I recently went through my iTunes list and pulled a selection of favorites, they include several musical genres, one, female singers, which I have a special soft spot for, so I've chosen four from that group that I'd like to post. These are all English speaking, others for a future list, not so.
The first is Shelby Lynn, the song: Jesus on a Greyhound, it's from her album 'Love'.
Second is 'Love at the 5 and dime' by Nanci Griffith, there's a video of it at:
Third is one of my favorite Phil Ochs songs, it's 'Changes' sung by Nancy Tucker from the album 'What's that I hear?' Lovely song.
And last, 'Hands' another by Phil Ochs, this one sung by Pat Humphries, also from the same album. There's a website that has some info on her at:

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treefrogdemon said...

Good stuff gf! I was in Glasgow today for a conference and it finished early, enabling me to nip into my favourite record shop (Fopp, where they sell for a fiver mny CDs whose vinyl versions I have in my collection); having selected 6 such, I was drawn by some strange attraction to the racks marked 'alt rock' and there I found many of the bands I had not heard of till they appeared on RR! Including...I Like Trains and yes! it was the album with the Beeching song on. I was very excited. Didn't buy it though.