Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Win 300,000-Year Old Molluscs from Stoke Newington

Mrs Peel, we're needed... To the Shivmobile, Boy Wonder... Blow your whistle and call the constabulary, Tinker... etc.

This from today's Time Out:
"The Museum Of London's forthcoming "Weather Permitting" exhibition is missing one thing: a soundtrack. So they want TO readers to come up with their Top Ten weather-themed songs to be played on a loop in the foyer. The winner will not only contribute to the display [? - Ed.] ...; they will also receive their own collection of 300,000-year old molluscs found in Stoke Newington... Send suggestions to by February 8."

Beyond a shadow of doubt 3 of these songs will be "Sunny Afternoon", "I Can't Stand The Rain" and "Weather With You" - It's The Law. But the remainder could be in our grimy hands, fellow RRers. Make Dorian proud. You know you want to.


McFrogMcPrincess said...

"This message will self destruct in 5 seconds". I'll have a go. But only for the molluscs...

glasshalfempty said...

Well, like so many of these topics, there's a huge choice. I'd start with:

Cold rain & snow - Grateful Dead
It's raining again - Supertramp
Come wind, come rain - Vashti Bunyan
Rainin' in my heart - The Pretty Things (rather than Buddy Holly)
I see the rain - Marmelade
Listen to the rain - Frances Black
A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall - Dylan
Buckets of rain - Dylan
Sunshine day - Osibisa
Rainy day sunshine - Gene Vincent
Walking on sunshine - Katrina & the waves
Bless the weather - John Martyn
Little fluffy clouds - The Orb
Cloudburst flight - Tangerine Dream
Obscured by clouds - Pink Floyd
Fat grey cloud - Bloomfield/Stills/Kooper

and, as I've mentioned it only yesterday - It's raining men - Weather Girls

As you can see from these picks, my musical taste has suffered a certain amount of arrested development. That's why RR & RROS is so great - I feel like a thief who got into Fort Knox.

I presume the second prize is TWO collections of moluscs? I hear they're pretty good in 10,000 year old garlic butter, McFP

nilpferd said...

I'd just have Weather Report's "Heavy Weather" on repeat..

glasshalfempty said...

Makes sense. But the list freak in me says, doh - how could I leave out Rainy night in Georgia(Brook Benton). On the other hand, I would spare mollusc fanciers Steal softly through snow by Beefheart!

ShivSidecar said...

There's a photo in the magazine of a handful of molluscs (I don't have a scanner at home - sorry). They're rather small. I suppose you could glue + use them as an art project surround for a (300,000-year old) bathroom mirror. Actually, I may have this wrong - it could be 300,000 year-old molluscs. (Now they know how many squid it takes to fill the Burgess Shale).

mcfmcp, if you win, share 'em around.

Mnemonic said...

Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly
Rainy Day, Dream Away - Hendrix
Crying in the Rain - Everly Brothers
Dry the Rain - Beta Band
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More - Walker Brothers

Tempusfugit said...

Always a sucker for a list.

Songs that stand a chance:
'Good-day Sunshine' - The Beatles.
'I Can't Stand the Rain' - Ann Peebles.
'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" - Burt Bacharach
'Let the Sun Shine' - from Hair.

Songs that don't stand a chance:
I think it's gonna rain today' - Dusty via Dorian's RR Southern Social CD.
'One misty, moisty morning' - Steeleye Span.
'Cold, Haily Rainy Night' - from the Imagined Village album which is currently giving great pleasure.
'Misty' - anyone. Loved Play Misty for Me. Scared the bejesus out of me when I first saw it.
'Cruel Storm' - Espers.
'Arousing Thunder' - Grant Lee Buffalo.
'Brother Wind' - Jan Garbarek
'Fog on the Tyne' - Lindisfarne.
'Channels and Winds' - Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass.
'Hear the Wind Howl' - Leo Kottke.
'Hailstones' - The Tiger Lillies, from the Plague Songs album.
'Rainbow Chaser' - Nirvana.
'Paper Sun' - Traffic.
'Sunshine help Me' - Spooky Tooth.
'Red Rain' - Peter Gabriel, the live version.

Songs unwanted:
'Hot, Hot, Hot' - The Oracle Band (?)
'Hail to the Chief'

Finally, anything by The Tornadoes (to quote their wesite "The Tornadoes play all types of music from Surf to Oldies" - quite a range, eh?)or Norman 'Hurricane' Smith - remember him?

I'll get me raincoat.

Mr DNA said...

'I See The Rain' by The Marmalade is a great record; good call, glasshalfempty.