Saturday, January 26, 2008


OK, I finally got it figured, I've tried three times to load this and it's been intermittent, I thought it was the Podbean problem but actually I think it was because I ran the mp3 cut through Sound System to clean it up and it somehow deformed the format, so I recorded a fresh copy with Wiretap and it's working fine; back to where we started:

Somebody mentioned Quicksilver here recently, one of my favorite groups from one of my favorite eras. I have this piece that I'd like to share with you sitting in my iTunes file, it's 'Calvary' by Quicksilver Messenger Service from the 'Happy Trails' album. I should have posted it in the recent RR 'religion' topic but I wasn't thinking straight. I think it's an absolute classic of the SF psychedelic period, definitely headphones music. For me it was almost life-changing, it brought me into contact with Quicksilver and we discussed making a film together, fortunately I instead took another option which in retrospect was a very smart thing to have done. Quicksilver broke up shortly thereafter.


glasshalfempty said...

T'was me that mentioned QMS, so thanks for posting it. Long time since I heard this track. Funny thing is, tho', that it did seem a bit indulgent prog rock on a re-listening. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, or it only works with a light show and a chemical factory. I still like 'Mona' & 'Who do you love', tho'!

Dominia said...

I'm listening to a lot of psych/prog at the mo, so nice to hear this one.
But I don't hear 'Calvary'?! - unless it's the vaguely middle eastern theme that comes in after a few mins.

Current fave/new discovery in this genre is Twink's "Ten thousand words in a cardboard box" - magic :)

glasshalfempty said...

GF, I assume you're aware of Bill Graham's recordings at Wolfgang's vault, such as this QMS concert ?

Rick said...

I'm just guessing, but "Calvary" may be an unintentional misspelling of "Cavalry." Musically, it would seem to make more sense.