Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ooh, scary

I was just looking back at the RR archive and feeling sad because I'd missed so many great topics simply because I hadn't discovered the world of fun that is RR when they came out. (Not that Dorian would have picked any of my suggestions of course.) Bet some of you feel the same!

So this is the game: you pick a past topic and choose some music for it. Here are some SCARY SONGS!

Long Lankin should NOT be listened to by people with babies. It's by Steeleye Span and they do that thing with the two tunes that usually annoys me but here I think it's very effective - because when the first verse is repeated with the first tune and the VERY spooky music, you realise that in fact what the man told his wife wouldn't have done any good anyway, because the enemy was already inside.

Here in Arkansas is by Robert Earl Keen. What did the bloke do that annoyed those people so much? Dunno.

Killing Jar is by Richard Thompson. It's not autobiographical. (His father was a policeman.)

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