Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Worship Part Three

Last week it was "Kyrie", and the week before "Sanctus" from the Missa Luba, this week's Sunday Morning Worship track is...."Credo"!

I have no idea what the Congolese children are singing about, I just like the way it sounds - all other-worldy and spiritual likes. 


DarceysDad said...

I tell you what, Blimpy, that's got much more of a thumping drumbeat that the Kenyan version I've got.

cyan said...

It's great stuff - we have a Congolese church meets at our Church on a Sunday Afternoon - their singing is just wonderful, so natural and full of life - they've come and sung for the English speaking congregation a few times - try to get us dancing along, but it just doesn't work

Blimpy McFlah said...

@DsD - yes! before i tracked down the 7", i found a lot of other versions online, but none were as full on and crazy as Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin

@cyan, I'd love to see that.