Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The little photoshop of horrors

Ever the copycat, Blimp had me scurry to the mac to knock these off. Now, I look forward to hearing the RR theme tune, when Blimpy gets time to play with garageband. (Don't look at me, I can't even play a comb and a sheet of Izal toilet paper)

P.S. Sorry to post again so soon, but by the time I got the keys to the door, I'd built up a backlog of imagined posts


TracyK said...

We just need to photoshop some heads on those posters. What do you reckon to Dorian 'playing'John Cleese and FP as Jamie Lee?

Blimpy McFlah said...

Awesome work, i'm stunned! Just fab.

And post up as much as you like please!

I think that RROS does need its own theme tune, as the other one was just for RR, and we need to differentiate.

Anyone got any ideas??//

nilpferd said...

JAP as Kevin Kline?

Frogprincess said...

Jamie Lee? I wish!! Put me on a rack and stretch me!! You look more like her that I do. (Love the pictures - you, Darce and Gordon all look exactly as I imagined, funnily enough. In a nice way) BTW anyone else getting all the posts in the form of emails? Now I love reading everything but my mailbox is going to explode soon. How do I stop that?

Mnemonic said...

Oh, FP, but I love the e-mails. I was wasting so much time trawling through the blog, checking for updates.

When are you going to put your picture on the blog, by the way? And move from Afghanistan?