Sunday, March 8, 2009

aha - fun video

Since a-ha made the A List this week, I thought you might be amused by a parody video of a-ha's Take on Me. The original video was a huge hit and won six MTV Video Awards. It is shown below:

The parody asks what if the words to a song literally reflected what was shown in the video. The guys who did it used the same music but different lyrics - and did an amazing job of capturing the same vocal style as the original. It is really quite amusing. It's below:


steenbeck said...

Band montage!!

Thanks, Marconius7, that was a good one. I saw one for White Wedding, but I think this one was better.

Abahachi said...

Wonderful, especially the "band montage!" line. For some reason the opening verse reminded me of Tom's Diner.

Japanther said...

Loved this! Although being very familiar with the song, unbelievably, Mrs Japanther had never seen the original video....the literal version had us both giggling though!