Saturday, March 28, 2009

New King Creosote! "Coast On By"

New King Creosote alert!! I'm very excited about the impending KC LP, out on Domino in April. The video for "Coast On By" was shot down the road in Crail, in the East Neuk. I was thinking about heading that way today, but it's blowing a bloody gale out there the now. 

King Creosote explains here how the song came about:

"It's all well and good when a pal offers to work on and record one of your songs, but when that pal is Steve Mason (Beta Band, King Biscuit Time, Black Affair) then up goes the ante. With album Flick the Vs well under way, and with no sign yet of a contender for the 3 minute pop hit thereon, I arrived chez Mason clutching a string of uneven verses each spitting out some facet of the tour-tired "leave me alone to my small village" blues. There followed 3 happy accidents:

- During the run thru' Steve muttered "is that it?" in such a tone of voice that, in fear of ridicule, I ad-libbed a positive sounding one line mantra to the end of take one.

- Whilst I made the tea, Steve "lost" my original guitar take and mistook my ad-libbed mantra for "the hook".

- A bungled cut n paste somehow morphed a duff bridge into a blinding chorus - three times?!

And that's it - the precise art of song craft lies in the choice of "Coast On By" over the more accurate title "two grumpy old men realise that, together, they've created the very monster both have spent entire careers baiting, only for it to sneak up and bite them in unbridled joy".


tincanman said...

I'm looking forward to this Blimpey. One of your podcasts had Not One Bit Ashamed on it and that has got me wanting to listen to more of them.

(See, people do listen)

I had a poor idea of them because all I had heard was some live covers they did and I would have been pleased to hear them do that live, it didn't work so well in my livingroom/sittingroom/parlour/frontroom/salon.

But Not One Bit Ashamed is a terrific song. Any other recommendations?

Blimpy said...

I am so happy that you do listen! I've been reticent about doing another podcast, but mebbe I should..

Are you rocking Spotify yet, Tinny?

tincanman said...

Not alot of time for spotify lately Blimpy. I was when it first came out, but haven't really in the last month or so. (Most of my involvement with it is logging in as ppl from other countries every two weeks lol)

It does seem to be doing the job for people.

tincanman said...

And yes please do another podcast.... just don't use big words like reticent (although I did drive a Vauxhaul Reticent for a few years when I was young)

Blimpy said...

Blimpcast 5 (YES! 5!) is in the works!

By this I mean that I'll do it when I have a spare minute!

Blimpy said...

There's plenty KC on Spotify.