Tuesday, March 31, 2009

50 years of 45s

for a bit of a helping hand Here's a Mix of the A sides..
same bands- same snigles- same order.. wake me up before you GO GO GO:
A Side Quiz

I tried to do this on the 31 March - I'm told that's the official 50th Birthday of the 7" snigle that we knew and loved - some of us still do. The Independent shops that I know tried to lobby the record companies to do a big celebration for it and only sell some special 7" on disc - but who would want to make some cash out of a beautiful slab of vinyl when it can be given away for free by people like us.. on an impersonal computer hard drive... Here's the B - side:
Eels - I write the B-Sides

This could be impossible or really easy.. who knows?
I WANT THE BAND NAME b-side SONG TITLE and the A-SIDE that it's from please
22 tracks in all 66 spill points up for grabs
B-Sides QUIZ


steenbeck said...

Aaargh. I'm so bad at quizzes. I think I heard the Smiths and the Cure back-to-back. (4&5, maybe, or 5&6?) I should know the songs, but I don't. Not yet anyway. I''ll have another listen in a bit.

DarceysDad said...

I'm utterly clueless!

Dexys at around the 40 second mark?

Agree about The Smiths and The Cure, and possibly Heaven 17 immediately after.

Last one - Madness?

No chance on songtitles for either side of the vinyl!!!

It's all far too removed from my heavy-rock-heavy (if you see what I mean!) 7" singles collection.

saneshane said...

I did wonder if it would be too tuff.. each individual record collection is going to be so unique

but 2 points for Steen with the smiths and the cure

and 2 points for DsD with Dexys and Madness

research is fine if you work out the tracks.. here's hoping they are one off releases!!!

back later.

TracyK said...

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band's Canyons of Your Vest, then
Carter...will wait till the hubster gets back: he say
Dexy's, presumably Geno's B side? Kraftwerk? Tour de France
The Cure: Just Like Heaven, Like Snow In Summer
PSBs! Oh, Suburbia?
Hmmm. Bomb the Bass?
T Rex.
Hmm x 2
PWEI!!!! Preaching to the Perverted?
Hmmm again
Edwin Starr 25 Miles
New FADs? Big b side?
Credit to the Nation: Call It What You Want?
Tindersticks City Sick?
Hmmm x 2
Sleeper says him, Salad say I.
JAMC April Skies b side
Madness as said before. No idea what: House of Fun?

Enjoyed that Shane!

TracyK said...

Carter, whoops, is probably After the Watershed's 90s Revival.

Blimpy said...

5. Smiths
6. Cure
9. T Rex
11. Beloved
12. PWEi
16. Credit To The Nation
17. Fatima Mansions
21. JAMC
22. Madness

Mmmmm. That was far too fucking hard.

saneshane said...

1- bonzos - canyons TK 2 points
2- carter - TK 1
3- Dexys - DsD 1
4 - no one will ever get!
5 - smiths - steen 1
6 - cure -steen 1 snow in summer/just like heaven TK 2 points
7 - Pet Shop Boys TK 1
8 -
9 - T Rex TK 1
10 -
11 -
12 - PWEI - Preaching to the perverted (remixed) TK 2
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 - JaMC - April skies b-side TK 2 more points
22 - Madness (DsD 1) house of fun b - side TK 1..

8 and 17 need a Goth- Beth where are you!

Back with some big clues, or to make it easier later....

sorry Blimpy all yours have been taken!

Shoey said...

Just had time for a quick listen. Heard some Bauhaus & possibly some Bongwater.

nilpferd said...

The Smiths track is What she said, I'd have to look up the A side it was paired with though. Well, I just did and I wouldn't have guessed it.

saneshane said...

nope on both Shoey - sorry
good researching nilpferd

soon as I pick my son up I will put an A side mix up.. to see if that helps at all!!

back soon.

TracyK said...

The Bonzo's track is the B side to Urban Spaceman, if I remember my dad's rekkid collection corectly. Quite pleased so many wild hits were right.

saneshane said...

Correct on the Bonzos A side Tracy.

For a little help all the A sides are now on a mix at the top..

TracyK said...

Oooh, Sisters of Mercy after PSB's Rent.
And the one before was The Eurythmics?! Wow.

TracyK said...

Argle! Waterboy's Fisherman's Blues!

TracyK said...

Hmm, Sisters of Mercy is about 17 instead. The Belle Stars version of Iko Iko too, Bow Bow Wow? Then Pixies' My Velouria.
And the Carter track (still hotly disputed by hubby) is Rubbish, so is it Alternate Alf Garnett? We have tickets for November, where they'll be playing all of 101 Damnations and 30 Something on the Saturday, though not for the prior night, which is 1992 The Love Album and Post-Historic Monsters. Excellent.

saneshane said...

1- bonzos - urban spaceman/canyons TK 3 points
2- carter - rubbish/alternative alf garnett TK 3
3- Dexys - DsD 1
4 - Eurythmics TK1
5 - smiths - what she said steen 1 nilpf 1
6 - cure -steen 1 snow in summer/just like heaven TK 2 points
7 - Pet Shop Boys Rent TK 2
8 - Sisters of Mercy TK1
9 - T Rex TK 1
10 -
11 -
12 - PWEI - Preaching to the perverted (remixed) TK 2
13 -
14 -
15 -Waterboy's Fisherman's Blues Tk2
16 -
17 -
18 - The Belle Stars TK1
19 -
20 - Pixies - My Velouria TK2
21 - JaMC - April skies b-side TK 2 more points
22 - Madness (DsD 1) house of fun TK 1..

storming job Tracy.. while doing this I found my copy of 'Only living boy in New Cross' split in half but just hanging together enough to covert 'Panic' that's on the B-side.. didn't remember that.

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DarceysDad said...

Nah. Even listening to the A-sides, all I can add is:

Dexy's is Come On Eileen,
Eurythmics is Who's That Girl,
17 might be The Mission,
19 might be Blondie.

saneshane said...

come on Eileen
Who's that girl correct

if its not the mission in black hats and flour who do we have left in the field?

19 is BLONDIE yeah hey

DarceysDad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DarceysDad said...

Cheers Shane. I'll take the spoonfed Spill point for Fields Of The Nephilim. Don't have ANYTHING by them (apart from a song or two on compilation discs) so it'd be a wild stab at ... Moonchild ??

saneshane said...

Nephilim is correct.. song wrong.. I liked the record sleeves ( I have some weird music - just because the art work had a lovely texture!)

saneshane said...

to put this all to bed here goes:

1- bonzos - urban spaceman/canyons
2- carter - rubbish/alternative alf garnett
3- Dexys - come on eileen/dubious
4 - Eurythmics who's that girl/youtakesomelentils...andyoutakesomerice
5 - smiths - shakespears sister/what she said
6 - cure - snow in summer/just like heaven
7 - Pet Shop Boys Rent/ i want a dog
8 - Sisters of Mercy anaconda/phantom
9 - T Rex - get it on/ there was a time/ raw ramp
10 - (the real) tuesday weld - am i in love/deep sea diving
11- a guy called gerald- hot lemonade/ rhythm of life
12 - PWEI -Dance of the mad/ Preaching to the perverted (remixed)
13 -the pretty things -a house in the country/me needing you
14 -geno washington & the ram jam band- small package of hipsters (philly dog-ride your pony-up tight......respect)
15 -Waterboy's Fisherman's Blues/ lost highway
16 -808 state-in yer face /leo leo
17 -fields of the nephilim -psychonaut/celebrate
18 - The Belle Stars - the clapping song/blame
19 - Blondie- War child/ little Ceasar
20 - Pixies - Velouria/i've been waiting for you
21 - JaMC - April skies/ kill surf city
22 - Madness house of fun/ walking wheeze