Saturday, March 14, 2009


Skip James
Louis Armstrong
Cab Calloway
Kanye West
Talib Kweli
J. DIlla - Don't Cry
J. Dilla - The Diff'rence
J.Dilla - Lightworks
J. DIlla - workinonit


saneshane said...

been listening to this and once more it's exemplary...

I really like 'workinonit' but lightworks mention of Tomorrow people has sent me on a tangent of.. who did a song called that?
I should just google it but I'm guessing a Marley kid or arrested developement... cool list anyway.

(and badger EJD for a french hip hop post.. that'd be cool.)

and I wanted to listen to some blues because of the start.. did you know some music sites ****** John Lee H****R - what a weird world we live in.

steenbeck said...

I think Tomorrow people was Ziggy Marley. I remember watching it in some rented cottage in Hay on Wye, (is that a real place)

I thought you might like the J. Dilla, Saneshane. The whole album is unusual, short, odd songs. It's not an easy listen, but he's trying something new, which made me think of you. At the risk of sounding foolish, the album made me think of modern classical music more than hip hop. His mother said about the track Lightworks "It was so different. It blended classical music (way out there classical), commercial and underground at the same time." It's fascinating. And people have used various tracks for different things.

Thanks for listening.

saneshane said...

Yep that sound right about Ziggy

I'm sure I have some J.Dilla around here somewhere.. it did sound interesting.

I'm trying to sort my music out here (I'm a bit disillusioned at the moment and a bit down)
but just found a Nas & Common album remixed by Soul Supreme & Statik Selektah that I don't know if I've ever played.. I also found some Bulgarian hip hop (I think) so it could perk me up.

Hay on Wye is a place.. they have a big book festival (again I think) I really should check these things before I type them out!

the musics changed, I think I'm passed shoeys playlist...

AliMunday said...

Love the Louis Armstrong. The J.Dilla is interesting, it sort of incorporates background noise and rhythms (e.g. at work I hum (quietly) to the sound of the photocopier and whatever other machines are purring away in the background)- probably shouldn't admit that - but it's all part of the background to the day and it's like a familiar rhythm which punctuates everything. Is this making any sense? It's too early.

ejaydee said...

More information about the samples used in Donuts here:
It's always interesting to see what he used, like 10CC for Workinonit, it's almost more a remix of the original than a sample.
I'm seriously thinking about a French hip hop post. It'll be mostly youtube, and in more than one part I reckon. I need to nail the editorial line and it'll be up by the end of next week.

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Ejaydee, I hadn't seen that. The album fascinates me because he was obviously passionate about it, but it feels strange to listen to. Some of the tracks are challenging. Some are instantly wondeful, some take some time. You can tell he was working towards something. I think it's interesting the way that other people have used the tracks since..Q-tip, Common...

I don't know. The whole idea and everything you read about it is very moving. There's so much love and respect for J. Dilla.

ejaydee said...

I know it's amazing how much respected he was, especially with producers (cliché time), a real producer's producer. I didn't pay too much attention to most of the songs I first heard by him until GFK's Fishscale, but after hearing Donuts, it made me want to look deeper. At the moment I'm loving this:

steenbeck said...

Oh, I liked Won't Do. That's his brother, right? He's good! I'm having the same sort of revelatory experience I did with Pete Rock--I have so much that he produced/collaborated on, but not so much of his own work. (For J. Dilla I only have Donuts, but not for long!) I love finding all these connections. I sense a J. Dilla playlist coming on.

And AliMunday--yes! I know exactly what you mean. I think you described it really well. We have a clothes drier in the basement that makes a terrible noise, but from upstairs it's just this whiny rhythm that you find yourself singing along to.

steenbeck said...


ejaydee said...

Looking forward to that

saneshane said...

ejd and steen - the flicking through the record box in the 'Won't do' vid got me searching...

my 80 minutes of j-d goes something like this:
1 Game Over(Flying Lotus Remix) - Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat -(Get Dirty EP)
2 E=MC2 feat. Common Jay Dee -(The Shining)
3 Thru Ya City De La Soul -(Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump)
4 Dynamite! The Roots -(Things Fall Apart)
5 Champion Sound Jaylib -(Champion Sound)
6 Love Movin’ feat. Black Thought Jay Dee -(The Shining)
7 Drop The Pharcyde -(Labcabincalifornia)
8 Soul Power Common -(Electric Circus)
9 The Mission Jaylib -(Champion Sound)
10 Verbal Clap De La Soul -(The Grind Date)
11 McNasty Filth Jaylib Feat. Frank & Dank -(Champion Sound)
12 Love Is Common -(Be)
13 Survival Test Jaylib -(Champion Sound)
14 Shoomp De La Soul Feat. Sean Paul -(The Grind Date)
15 No Games Jaylib -(Champion Sound)
16 As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Mix) Four Tet
17 Raw Shit Jaylib Feat. Talib Kweli -(Champion Sound)
18 Can't Stop This The Roots -(Game Theory)
19 Much More De La Soul Feat. Yummy -(The Grind Date)

It's amazing what you find when you do a search- I think the beats and the music stand out- but his lyrics are seriously limited, when left on his own- a mix with better (heavier?) words- brings out how good his production was.

(and how annoying Game Over by Dabrye :
"paramedics gonna get ya.. few hours later take you straight to the hospital")

I would be interested to hear Donuts all through now.. all fascinating stuff.. cheers for that.

steenbeck said...

Saneshane--hope you're feeling better and no longer febrile.

And what a list! A testament to the size of your music collection and the amount of collaboration Dilla did. Maybe we should all put a few favorite tracks in Dropbox and I'll put together a list for the 'Spill?

I was listening to Pay Jay and Ruff Draft and like them both. On Ruff Draft is Nothing Like This, which I think Ejaydee posted a video of many mooons ago. I love it.

saneshane said...

nope - still wrapped in duvet steen-

but that is why I can read the finer details of who produced what! Although the wibblyness of some sounds might just be my head.. oh well.

I'll be happy to add some tracks for you to post-
just youtubed 'nothing like this' that's cool.
time for more honey and lemon.