Sunday, March 22, 2009

What did your last servant die of?

puttin' on the ritz? watching Peterborough play football? shopping with Victoria Beckham or hearing one of her tunes(!) or did your last servant die trying to listen to all of saneshanes playlist, sit back.. find a poor person for a cushion and listen up to a bit of POSH.

3 great tracks to start: Pelle stayed at my mates house when he toured in Germany, Dorian wouldn't playlist Ben Zeph and Jeff is so much fun he's jet booted the cool shark.. anti-folk Crass that's anarchy.
Middleclass kid - Pelle Carlberg

Uptown - Benjamin Zephaniah Vs. Rodney P

Big A, Little A - Jeffrey Lewis

Cass gets on a run... Hospital, then Star Sign then Class what can't this song be nominated for? Pele signs for the Eagles and A&J can't walk on the GoneForeigns grass.
Lionkiller - Cass McCombs

Raid The Palace - Pele

Private Lawns - Angus & Julia Stone

Jeff and Helen struggle at the start of this, but then it becomes such a brilliant version, I was going to ask them about it when they played my local.. but I'm dysfunctional and they were acting it.. so I gave them a light we all sat outside next to each other in silence. A club mix of pulp to please Tracy!!! and a tune that my pals play me.. they are so handsome it could distract if you watch the video.
Demoncrats - Jeffrey Lewis

Common People (Motiv 8 Club Mix) - Pulp

Universal Tellerwascher - Die Sterne

My Favorites De Rosa telling you how their Master doesn't care and to VW accents don't matter or Oxford freckin' commas.. Little boxes got covered in Tuesday Welds Christmas card and a calypso finish to my mammoth Sunday evening post..


ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - did you have to mention Portsmouth - still smarting...

Looking forward to listening through the week.

nilpferd said...

Die Sterne are simply classier here in the company of one of your originals.. I thought "Was hat dich bloƟ so runiert" (just what was it that ruined your life) would also have been good this week..

saneshane said...

thanks nilpferd- typo there and not just the lack of umlauts..(there's a to instead of a too somewhere but I've lost it)

Some of my Friends likes in German music is weird (they say the same about my taste).. the song that stuck in my head was Guten Tag Reklamation, have no idea by whom... and Superpunk, SO not punk but pop/fun to me.. but I used to bounce about to it.

Anyway I looked over on RR and Gremlin might be on a mission to get some German in, so I will look out for what fits.

so sorry, bad weekend for the blue half, I mean't Peterborough any way.. I'll change the team!!!

tincanman said...

I've heard Oxford Comma a few hundred times, so no discovery there for me. But Little Boxes somehow passed me by in previous listens of Tuesday Weld, and I love it. So thanks for that one for sure.

Jeffrey Lewis I am just starting to listen to after hearing Blimpey go on about him, so thanks for that track. Book is still out for me, but its early days yet.

(Wonder if we should say 'the CD is still out' rather that the book? Then again, it could be a memory stick or digital audio tape or an 8-track.

And what, in the original saying, if it was an eBook? The ebook's still out on that one.

We can't even switch to 'the memory stick's still out on that one' to encompass all forms of media because somepeople say media stick, some say pen drive, flash drive, thumb drive ... the list is endless. Which will prevail? The book's .. oh, sorry

almost forgot the end bracket. here it is now:

saneshane said...

unless you got the Real Tuesday Weld Christmas card 'seasons dreamings' you wouldn't have their cover of 'Little boxes' lovely isn't it.
It was a 3" cd with nice artwork - I'm a sucker for cool music packages.