Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Britpop Era Indie Disco Floor Fillers!

SaneShane's posting of those Select tracks got me all nostalgic for the good ol' days of the aforementioned too tight Adidas, watery beer, the endless possibilities of youth and the vague chance of pulling!

Here are the first few floor filling tunes that came to mind. But which songs have I missed?

Stone Roses

**Edit** The DJ takes requests! These are all the suggestions I could track down (sorry, couldn't get any Gene and had to settle for a different (but equally as good) Lush song. The Charlatans was in my original list too, but got left out in my excitement:

Boo Radleys


Abahachi said...

Boxstr not cooperating this morning, and of course I'm just a bit too old for this, but at first glance: Echobelly, Great Things.

Japanther said...

Good one Abahachi! "Great Things" was indeed a dancefloor staple and a great tune to boot, plus I don't know anyone who didn't have a crush on Sonya...!

Blimpy said...

Trying to find the youtube for Suede's Beautiful Ones, it seems the PRS hammer has fallen, and I'm not allowed to watch it.

Anyhoo, that was a sure fire floor filler at Indie disco during the Britpop era. And Connection by Elastica.

Blimpy said...

Japanther - I guessed which each song would be without playing them first - YOU ARE SPOT ON!

Panic by the Smiths would be a contender to the track you listed too.

I always found Bitter Sweet Symphony quite hard to dance to though.

It's kind of a shame that digital cameras weren;t around then, as I've pretty much zero pix from that time. It'd be too funny if we could dig out some right now!

Blimpy said...

Oh, Nancy Boy by Placebo too.

Blimpy said...

And Brimful Of Asha by Cornershop also

Blimpy said...

And Kula Shaker, Reef, and The Seahorses - and the Charlatans too.

ToffeeBoy said...

We must have to have The You & Me Song by The Wannadies.

And how about some Gene? I'll go for Haunted By You.

ToffeeBoy said...

Oooh, and can we ask the DJ to play Wake Up Boo by the Boo Radleys?

saneshane said...

I guessed all the tracks too before playing.. except i went for Panic as the Smiths track.

I had fun this afternoon and have ended up with an indie disco 60 track fest for work tomorrow!

I'm just missing the lights being swiched on and Shampoos 'Trouble' invading my head for the stagger home and some drunken twister!

Spill points for the penultimate track played every night... clue: someones old band on here stayed up and played all night subbuteo with them...

ToffeeBoy said...

Teenage Kicks?

saneshane said...

nope.. has a football link in their band name.

TracyK said...

Sultan's of Ping FC Where's Me Jumper, I'm guessing? Could you add in Whale's Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe and Garbage's Only Happy When It Rains for me? Wouldn't mind a quick blast of Lush with Single Girl either. Cheers DJ!
Have any of you seen this club night in Islington? Sounds like it'd be right down our collective avenue:

I have to say I managed to club in the bad old days before there were proper indie clubs and you had to do with some grumpy towny begrudgingly doing a Smiths/Cure/Carter half and hour and then gratefully back to the PWL. I remember the proper alternative mix just before Britpop too, the rockers, metallers, Goths, crusties, shoegazers, fraggle-ers and Postcard types all dancing together, because together we made a loose kind of tribe, ie the outcasts. You'd hear Temple of Love next to Sheela-na-Gig next to Lose Control next to Enter Sandman and we'd all dance to everything. I was kind of sad when indie actually became a proper genre to lose that real mix of weirdos. No offence!

Shoey said...

If I was being pedantic, & I am, would think that the Smith's & Roses predate the Britpop era. For the earlier period you would have to have Blue Monday and something from Happy Monday's.

The Rave/Shoegaze/Britpop era was one I missed out on (family/work stuff & being in the wrong country etc.), & had to catch up later. The main reason I chose my (unoriginal) nom de blog by the way.

saneshane said...

Where's me jumper it is.

was going to do a quiz but you ruined my trump card with Whale's Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe.. how great was that.. slamming about, except the females were all too bloody violent for us skinny boys.

we had some great alternative nights and it was the whole mix of weird sounds that made it interesting.

...that was the indie disco.. still played during britpop... which means it's my turn to play

Dinosaur Jr 'Freak Scene'
mixed into Pixies 'U-mass' while Jesus and Mary Chain warm up 'Sidewalking' and in place of the Mondays.. Black Grape 'In the Name of the Father'

Night all.

TracyK said...

Do you remember the Shoegazers on the Mary Whitehouse Experience? My hubby can only do a shoegazey type dance. Variety 1: smiles up into the air like Snoopy doing the Snoopy Dance, while shuffling feet. Variety 2: same but with curtain fringe sweeping side to side in front of face as he gazes at his baseball boots. Sigh...

There are quite a few tracks from that era I would be dead happy never to hear again mind, after intense overkill: predictable indie disco would be The Only One I Know followed by Parklife followed by Common People followed by Wonderwall followed by Step On followed by Fool's Gold and so on unto death by snakebite...

TracyK said...

I'd definitely go to one of your discos Shane!

B-Mac said...

i have so much to add, but it;s ver late.

was a spiller looking for a wooden turntable?

Japanther said... many great tunes and good memories. ..."Nancy Boy" I'd completely forgotten about, but it stands the test of time.

Yeah, "Bitter Sweet Symphony" was an end-of-night swayer as opposed to one you could dance to.

Anymore to add could be dropboxed and i'll add them later

Shoey said...

Updated list receives approval from the pop era approval board subcommitte (dancing).

Japanther said...

Shoey - you are right, they do pre-date it, but they were still staples of the Britpop disco, you had to show that you knew the roots and you were 4 real!

I listened to the whole lot straight through on my journey to Yokohama today...."Slight Return" is a GREAT song, and "Ladykiller" sounded fantastic too...

snadfrod said...

Can I thank Japanther for a GREAT list and add my own minor Evening Session favourites:

China Drum's version of Wuthering Heights
Novocaine For the Soul by Eels
She Said by the Longpigs
Last Day/Lava by Silver Sun
The Answer to Why I hate You by Symposium.

All maybe one or two years too late, but then I WAS young...

Japanther said...

Excellent list Snadfrod - i'm pretty sure i've got every one of them on CD single in a box somewhere....but can we have "Farewell To Twilight" from Symposium, please???

TracyK said...

Symposium! Lava! Longpigs! where's Uresei Yatsura's Slain By Elf?

snadfrod said...

Ooh, Urusei Yatsura! They were a bit hardcore for me at the time... And Lava, for those that are interested, is a song that was played regularly on mainstream radio whose opening line was "And I fucking give up." True, that.

Glaring omissions that came to me earlier:

Cast - Finetime
SFA - Somthing 4 the Weekend
Something by Kula Shaker
Tiger - Race
Supergrass - Richard III. You can keep your 'Alright', THAT was a brave and brilliant tune.

Oh and All You Good Good People by Embrace, too. Man I love this...

saneshane said...

Cast is a good call (just cos I beat them at pool when they played down our way in the early days - and they payed up the drinks bet)

I spent until four in the morning mixing alternative disco songs last night.. how much fun did I have.. the one Kula Shaker track I found - on a VOX cd didn't really fit- as my two desks are covered in 87-97 tunes.. I might just do that again!!!

where's Finetime then?

Japanther said...

Tiger!! I loved Tiger, good call Snad and "Race" is a great tune....definitely more than just a bunch of mullets in airbrushed snow-leapord portraiture t-shirts from the market!

...Uresei Yatsura were also a big favourite of course and I collected all the early Embrace singles (before they got Chris Martin-ised and actually started to sell records!) and AYGGP was and is an incredible song.

Never cared for Cast, but I liked "Sandstorm". I'd put them in the Hurricane #1 category of having 1 song that I liked by them.

snadfrod said...

Hurricane #1. Oh my... I'm very proud of my early Embrace EP collection, too. Especially as they were the first band I got all the early stuff for. Bombastic.

And sorry Shane - I just can't stop. There's more coming:

Snug - Ode to the Day
My Life Story - Twelve (Ten?) Reasons Why
Strangelove - Another Night In
and, if we're doing Britpop Mancs then of course it has to be....
The Reverend Black Grape.

All to the floor, please. All to the floor.

Japanther said...

we seem to have moved on to getting ready to go out tunes, which is great!

and.... if we are having Symposium and Snug, we better not leave out Midget, I think "Camouflage" was the single I had of theirs....

...donds to My Life Story too, which puts me in mind of Gold Blade and "Black Elvis".

can I add:

Speedy - Boy Wonder
Sleeper - Inbetweener
Powder - Aphrodisiac
Ultrasound - Same Band

TracyK said...

Oh man, we're moving away from the floor-filler Britpop stuff into the John Peel Memorial Scout Hut Disco For The Cardigan-Wearing Disaffected. I LOVE it!

Ultrasound, My Life Story...KENICKIE!!

Japanther said... you're talking! I queued up for ages to get an autograph at a signing session...and sat a few feet away from the big fella from Ultrasound in the pub before a gig....ah....indie celebrity hunting!

"John Peel Memorial Scout Hut Disco For The Cardigan-Wearing Disaffected" - now that's a night out i'd pay good money for!

Dee Sawdeley said...

Would you count Laid by James as a Britpop era tune?

How about Tubthumping by Chumbawamba?

Ready to go by Republica?

Floorfillers all I reckon!

TracyK said...

Nooo, not Tubthumping (too populist) but I'd definitely dance to their Enough Is Enough feat Credit To The Nation as an end of night anthem. Wow, such nostalgia! Laid was v popular round our end but Republica were a bit 'sceney' for me.

Weakest indie treasure EVER: I have the envelope to the birthday card that Steve Lamacq gave to Lauren Laverne the night they headlined the Garage, Highbury, on her 19th birthday. It has Steve's DM print across it: gig reviewed here: