Sunday, March 15, 2009

A hospital? What is it?

It's a big building where they cure sick people, but that's not important right now...

A few songs with a hospital-related theme. All nominated by others but I think they deserve the exposure - particularly the magnificent Wires. I'm still utterly flummoxed by that eejit's reaction to Athlete - but I've worked on my anger and everything's now fully under control.

Apologies for the quality of the live version of Jonathan Richman's Hospital - hopefully the quality of the song and of the performance will shine through.

I've only been in hospital once - they did something with my male parts when I was very young and all I remember is that it hurt like ... well, like having something surgical done to parts of your body that really ought to be handled more gently.

And in the best traditions of playing Doctors and Nurses, I've now shown you mine - so, you know what to do. What's your most embarrassing hospitalisation?


Abahachi said...

And stop calling me Shirley.

ToffeeBoy said...

You're nervous. Is this your first time?

No, I've been nervous before ...

steenbeck said...

It's not embarrassing, exactly, but I was hit by a car while I was on my bike when I was maybe 22 yrs old. I was knocked unconscious (not wearing a helmet--shocking!!) An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. But I didn't have insurance. Sigh. And the funny part, to me, was that the police decided it was my fault, because I was daydreaming. The police report actually read "Pedacyclist was daydreaming." I can chuckle over it now, but at the time it was terrible.

Loved the Jonathan RIchman. THanks. Oh and Hospital Food, too. And I'm still listening.

DarceysDad said...

(Can't help myself; in DsMam's absence, I've allowed myself to have the laptop on my knees in bed!)

Most embarrassing hospitalisation?

A friend's stag night; one third of the party ended up either in Casualty or a police cell!!

(BTW I'm deeply ashamed of the latter. I hate alcohol-related violence, and it wasn't quite that - the couple of "offenders" amongst us had their collars felt, correctly, for over-enthusiastically chastising the paramedics, who seemed unconcerned by the unconscious state of the friend we'd called them to.)

Anyway, I was one of the former ... I missed a step off a kerb between pubs and tore an ankle ligament. Yes of course I was pissed!! S-S-O-O-O drunk in fact, that I refused treatment in Casualty ("No, no, I'm fine, honnissht!") because I was more concerned with that member of the party who had passed out, and was still flat-refusing to come round. He was fine in the end: his survival instinct had just taken the unilateral decision to sleep off the alcohol overdose, without bothering to inform his conscious brain!

I, however, continued to stagger/limp comically in and out of the Hospital with the only working mobile phone between us, and attempt to talk calmly and cohesively with the hen party, about where the drivers amongst them had to go to collect us reprobates from. I thought I'd done a good job, but apparently I was comically pathetic.

Oh well.

Oh, and TB, re having someone do something eye-watering to your manhood area, I've got a foot-in-gob tale about THAT too, but not for these pages.


ToffeeBoy said...

@ steenbeck - I can't believe that anyone could classify daydreaming as a bad thing. Movies in your own head when you can do anything you want, guilt and consequence free - what's not to like?

@ dsd - I think we'd all be grateful if you resisted the temptation of sharing that particular tale with the rest of the class.

@ therestofyou - do you like hospital food?

TracyK said...

Not really been hospitalised, but when a friend had a lump removed from her arm-pit in uni, she was describing what had happened and the room was very hot, so I sat down on the (very high) hospital bed and then comically fainted and slithered off. A week later I fainted after giving blood too: I came too with a huge nurse tenderly smacking my face, while my friend hung over me, tears streaming down her face, gasping "!!"

ToffeeBoy said...

@ TracyK - now that's the sort of story we want to hear!

Mnemonic said...

Hospital food,

Private hospital - if you're well enough to look at the wine list, it's time to go home.

NHS - if you're well enough to complain, ditto.

Mind you, NHS tea is DISGUSTING!

tincanman said...

Funny you should mention Wires because I just saw three couples from the audience do it on Graham Norton, and their interpretation was the wires made them marionettes.

(It was awful, by the way, but Norton is brilliant)

treefrogdemon said...

TracyK: I fainted when shown the video of the haemorrhage on my first aid course...the instructor was pleased though as she got to show people what to do when someone faints.